Practice “Safe Cell Phoning”

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:   This will blow your mind – unless you practice safe cell phoning!

This is probably what it does to our brain cells -like putting your head in a microwave . Check this out! And we’re supposed to believe that cell phones are safe? Click below and watch.

So, to prevent literally blowing your mind with reckless cell phone use, follow these simple steps to “safe cell phoning”:

1) Consider yourself  to be the CEO of your own private corporation.

That being the case, your time is very valuable and no one should be able to just call and just interrupt the “boss”. They would have to go through your “secretary” who protects your time and helps only let the top priority issues through.  How can we manage that (since, face it,  you don’t have a real secretary!)  This is how:

2) Put a message on your cell phone saying you are unable to take their call immediately but will get right back to them. Then TURN OFF your cell phone and every 15 minutes or so, metaphorically “check with your secretary” whether there are any important phone calls by turning back ON your phone and seeing who called!

3) The important calls can be returned immediately but only the important calls since your cell phone emits MOST RADIATION which you are speaking (transmitting) and much less when you are listening. The less important calls you can return when you can use speaker phone and privacy is not an issue.  Then turn OFF your cell phone again for another 15 minutes or so…  (salesmen and saleswomen and my daughters need to keep checking every 15 minutes, the rest of you can check hourly or when you wish!)

4) Use speaker phone whenever possible, ideally when not needing to hold or touch the phone so you are not being radiated.

5) Text as much as possible instead of phoning.

6) Use headsets with tubing and not with wiring since a wire head set simply focuses radiation up the wire to your brain.  (Dr. Weeks recommends: BlueTube available at  360-341-2303)

7) Do NOT keep a phone in your pocket or in a hip holster when it is turned on. It will poison you.  Why?  Well, as you move through space, your phone’s GPS knows you are moving and periodically sends out an inquiry to determine whether its existing tower is the optimal tower. That “inquiry” is a a HUGE transmission seeking a response from  all towers in the area. This is especially toxic when you are DRIVING a car with a cell phone turned on as the GPS insists it determine optimal cells tower selection every 100 yards so it radiates you with a huge blast more than once a second!

8) Teens and tweens,  do NOT sleep next to your cell phone.  Seriously DUDES and DUDETTES!  Stop doing that!!!

For more info on safe cell phoning in particular and electrical pollution in general, search those terms at

Be Safe!




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