Haelan – multi-faceted cancer killer

Dr. Weeks Recommends:   Haelan 951  – a fermented, organic, non-GMO soy product

This product contains all 5 of the super foods discovered in 1991 by the National Cancer institute after their  $20 million study searching for anti-cancer properties in fruits and vegetables:

1) Isoflavones  2) Protease Inhibitors  3) Saponins  4) Phytosterols

5) Phytic Acid Compounds  (Journal of the National Cancer Institute April 17,1991)


Benefits of Haelan 951

Here are the vast array of lifesaving benefits which I expect will result from your taking ½ bottle of Haelan 951 twice a day. Under no circumstances must you stop taking Haelan without notifying Dr. Weeks. This is of the highest priority.


-Apoptosis is allowed to proceed.

Clinical Implication: Apoptosis is the healthy, appropriate cells death which occurs at the right times after a cell has lived it full normal life. In contrast, cancer cells resist apoptosis and live eternally thereby killing the cancer patient.


-DNA Repair is enhanced.

Clinical Implication: DNA damage is the hallmark of cancer. If DNA is repaired a cell can stop being cancerous.


-Reactivates P-53 Tumor Suppressor Gene 

Clinical Implication: This raises levels of P-21 in breast, ovarian and prostate cancer cell and thereby suppresses cancer and allows apoptosis.


-P21 gene activity is increased

Clinical Implication: This lifesaving gene  is derived from the anti-cancer gene P53 and allows to cancer call death



Clinical Implication: Angiogenesis is the creation of a blood supply to tissues low in oxygen – like cancer. Without this new blood supply, cancer cells can not grow. The drug Avastin stops blood coming to the tumor by destroying the angiogenesis signal VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) however this is fatal as your healthy blood vessels (to your heart and brain etc) need VEGF!  Haelan 951 stops angiogenesis without destroying VEGF.


-Reduces exosomes 

Clinical Implication:  These are particles that inhibit immune defense against cancer, they inhibit both NK cell function and gamma interferon.


-Increases BAX 500% compared with the chemo drug  Doxorubicin (in cases of breast cancer)

Clinical Implication: This is a gene which kills cancer cells via allowing apoptosis.


-Decreases BCL2 200% – in comparison to Doxorubicin (in cases of breast cancer)

Clinical Implication: This is a gene which allows cancer cells to thrive by evading apoptosis.


-Improves Anti-apoptotic Ratio of BAX/BCL2

Clinical Implication: This means that the genes are now fighting cancer by enhancing apoptosis.


-Reduces Estrogen Levels

Clinical Implication: This is an anti-cancer effect since it also reduces ER-a.


-Increased Estrogen receptor-beta receptors – ER-b

Clinical Implication: These kill cancers by increasing the amount of natural chemotoxic agents like 2-methoxyestradiol as well as their delivery to the cancer cell.


-Decreased Estrogen receptor-alpha receptors – ER-a 

Clinical Implication: These receptors allow cancer cells to thrive and metastasize so they must be suppressed for your health.


-Improves Ratio- ER-a/ER-b

Clinical Implication: This allows for appropriate apoptosis and restoration of low cancer risk.


-Decreases the matrix metalloproteinases enzyme

Clinical Implication: This enzyme erodes collagen surrounding the tumor and frees cancer stem cells to spread through out the body creating metastatic disease.


-Produces Anti-Cancer metabolites 

Clinical Implication: Some of the most important of these are 3-Beta Adiol and 2-methoxyestradiol which hunt down and kill cancer stem cells. Note the tragic and little reported facts that 1) chemotherapy and radiation do NOT kill stem cells and 2) 99% of the cells in a cancerous tumor are NON-cancerous


-Prevents Protein Calorie Malnutrition (cachexia or starvation)

Clinical Implication: This reversal of cachexia is life-saving since cachexia kills 80% of cancer patients. We must at all costs avoid the situation where you starve (no appetite!) while the cancer gorges itself.


-Shuts Down NF-kB Mutation Pathway

Clinical Implication: Cancer cells are smart and they try to mutate using the NF-kB pathway in order to escape death when the immune system or the chemotherapy is applied.


-Enhances tumor necrosis factor (TNF)

Clinical Implication: TNF is a pillar of our immune system required to fight cancer.


-Decreases Viral and Bacterial Burdens

Clinical Implication:  Haelan 951 cleans house and allows the immune system to work without distraction.


-Increases function of GADPH gene expression

Clinical Implication: This gene expression is one way to measure cancer die off.


-Gives clearer margins for surgical removal of tumors

Clinical Implication: If surgery is indicated, the goal is 1) to remove the cancerous cells and 2) to cut away leaving a “clean margin” meaning leaving no residual cells.


-Overcomes depression and improves quality of life

Clinical Implication: When the soul and spirit are less troubled, the immune system thrives.


-Non-Specific Immune Stimulation Increased 400%

Clinical Implication: the symbiosis of taking a product offering the 5 super foods (Haelan 951) and the myriad benefits described above amount to a huge immune boost.  It increases macrophage phagocytosis  by three-fold and double the number of active macrophages.


Why you may want to stop drinking Haelan 951 despite its life-saving benefits:

The bitter taste is not pleasant!  But we have a solution: we have found that mixing Halean 951 (1/2 bottle) with Naturally Sweet (1/2 packet) and Ola Loa Orange (1 packet) and whatever amount of cold water you desire is a workable solution to the taste issue!

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