Am I the last doctor to learn about the amazing healing properties of this herb?

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:   I try to keep up to date on innovations in medicine in order to offer my patients  safe and effective health optimizing options. I read the journals, have key topics searched on Google daily for me (example  “cancer stem cells”) and I appreciate my supportive colleagues who share their learnings freely with me (in a grande give and take) as they continuously seek to hone this craft of caring for patients.

One source of information which I highly value are my patients!  Those doctors are unfortunate whose patients consider them arrogant and close-minded because, in that dysfunctional relationships,  patients (the real “experts” on their own illnesses!) would not dream of sharing their insights with a doctor who would ridicule at best or demean and chastise at worse.  My patients teach me a wealth of great information.

Thanks to Donna and Trisha for opening my eyes to the medicinal aspects of marijuana in general and the heroic humanitarianism of Rick Simpson in particular.    What follows is a good introduction to the merits of medicinal marijuana for you to consider.


Listen to  Professor Donald Abrams, M.D.  Chief of Hematology and Oncology  at San Francisco General Hospital and Professor at UCSF  who talks about the Science of Medical Cannabis


The mechanism that cannabis uses to eradicate cancer:


And before you get too dismissive, you might be interested to know that, like it or not, you yourself are FULL of cannabinoid receptors!




Hemp Oil appears to have some powerful anticancer effects.


My friend, Dr. Mark Allen Sircus has reviewed some of the science behind this natural product in the attached article, which brings up the discussion of Marijuana. With all the dispensaries of Medical Marijuana now operating in as many as 12 states, it might be good to review this topic in greater depth.

I have heard a pediatrician calling into the psychiatry show on Sirius Satellite 81 on their Doctor Radio program, which is on 24/7 on every aspect of medicine coming from NYU Medical Center. The call in doctor was certain that the widespread use of marijuana will lead right to increased use of Heroin and then drugs like ecstasy.  I have no proof who is right on this but I am convinced by doctors I know and respect that some forms of Marijuana are doing an incredible amount of good even in cancer patients.

This topic will NOT be settled in the near future with all the variations in the plant and its methods of extraction and consumption, but at least it is worth your time to check out PHOENIX TEARS movie, which is one hour long.  Many reputable people in one community swear that they have seen cancer case after cancer case go into remission. Please keep an open mind, as you try to balance your comments to your patients and loved ones about the benefits and risks of increased access to hemp, which clearly should never have been banned when you realize who many good things hemp has done for the world.

Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute

Fighting Radiation Damage the Natural Way with Medical Marijuana

Dr. Ben Whalley, middle, with Dr. Gary Stephens and Dr. Claire Williams at their secret cannabis farm near London. These researchers have discovered that three compounds found in cannabis leaves can help to reduce and control seizures in epilepsy. Dr. Whalley, who is leading the research at the department of pharmacy at the University of Reading, said tests in animals had shown the marijuana compounds effective at preventing seizures and convulsions while also having fewer side effects than existing epilepsy drugs.

And lucky for us, cannabis is also an excellent treatment for radiation sickness and exposure.

Radiation Symptoms
– Nausea
– Vomiting
– Diarrhea
– Weight loss
– Loss of appetite
– Weakness
– Red itchy skin
– Sore throat
– Hair loss
– Recurrent infections
– Bleeding
– Anemia

Benefits of Medical Marijuana
– Reduced Nausea
– Increased appetite
– Reduced vomiting
– Weight gain
– Sleeping aid

With all the radiation that is now entering our atmosphere, it is urgent that we now all start ingesting a list of natural medicinals to diminish our reactions to radioactive particles the damage this radiation will cause.
One of my favorite people, Rick Simpson, the man in Canada that has helped many cancer sufferers with THC-laden hemp oil, has a lot to say to people as we go into our increasingly irradiated future.

Simpson says:
“If used properly, high quality hemp oil can provide a solution that will be of help to mankind in alleviating the effects of increasing radiation. Through my experience with the use of this oil, I have found that there is nothing more effective or more harmless that can reduce the damage caused by radiation.

“I have seen patients suffering from cancer who were badly damaged by the effects of radiation treatments and who were able to completely eliminate the damage in a short time. Some who have come to me that had radiation treatments were burned so badly by its effects that their skin looked like red leather. After ingesting the oil treatment their skin went back to its normal healthy state and the radiation burns disappeared completely. If the oil can do this for someone that was badly damaged by such so-called medical treatments, would its use not be effective to combat the effects of the radiation now emanating from Japan? Now with the menace that all this escaping radiation presents, we would have to be insane to turn our backs on the use of hemp extracts to help us all deal with this situation.”

Scientific trials have for decades documented the anti-cancer properties of cannabis and its constituents. Yet it took until this week for the website of the National Institute of Cancer, a component of the U.S. government’s National Institutes of Health, to finally acknowledge the herb’s therapeutic utility for patients living with disease or suffering from the adverse side effects of cancer treatment.

In test-tube experiments, researchers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Md. exposed rat nerve cells to a toxin that is typically released during strokes. Cannabidiol reduces the extent of damage reported the National Academy of Sciences.More effective than vitamins C or E, strong antioxidants such as cannabidiol will neutralize free radicals and so might limit the damage and reduce the severity of radiation.




Hemp Oil Dosage Information
By Rick Simpson
It takes the average person about 90 days to ingest the full 60-gram treatment. I suggest that a person start with 3 doses per day about half the size of a grain of dry rice. A dose such as this would equal about 1/4 of a drop. After four days at this dosage, increase your doses every four days until you are at the point where you are ingesting about 1 gram in 24 hours, so each dose should equal 1/3 of a gram.

It takes the average person about five weeks to get to the point where they can ingest a gram per day. Once they reach this dosage they can continue at this rate until the cancer disappears. A gram is just slightly less than 1 milliliter.

Using this method allows the body to build up its tolerance slowly; in fact, I have many reports from people who took the oil treatment and never got “high”. We all have different tolerances for any medication. Your size and body weight have little to do with your tolerance for hemp oil.

Be aware when commencing treatment with hemp oil that it will lower your blood pressure, so if you are currently taking blood pressure medication, it is very likely that you will no longer need it.
When people are taking the oil, I like to see them stay within their comfort zone, but the truth is, the faster you take the oil the better the chance of surviving. At the end of their treatment most people continue taking the oil but at a much reduced rate. Six to 12 grams a year would be a good maintenance dose. I do not like to see people overdosing on the oil, but an overdose does no harm. The main side effect of this medication is sleep and rest, which play an important role in the healing process. Usually, within an hour or so of taking a dose, the oil is telling you to lie down and relax. Don’t fight the sleepy feeling, just lie down and go with it. Usually within a month, the daytime tiredness associated with this treatment fades away but the patient continues to sleep very well at night. The only time I would recommend that people start out with larger doses would be to get off addictive and dangerous pain medications. When people who are using such medications begin the oil treatment, they usually cut their pain medications in half. The object is to take enough oil to take care of the pain and to help the patient get off these dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. Taking the oil makes it much easier for the patient to get off these addictive chemicals.

I simply tell people the oil will do one of two things; it will either cure their cancer or in cases where it is too late to affect a cure, the oil will ease their way out and they can at least die with dignity. Hemp oil has a very high success rate in the treatment of cancer; unfortunately many people who come to me have been badly damaged by the medical system with their chemo and radiation, etc. The damage such treatments cause have a lasting effect and people who have suffered the effects of such treatments are the hardest to cure. It should also be mentioned that the oil rejuvenates vital organs like the pancreas. Many diabetics who have taken the oil find that after about six weeks on the oil that they no longer require insulin since their pancreas is again doing its job.

Properly made hemp medicine is the greatest healer on this planet bar none. Once you experience what this medication can do you will understand why history and I call hemp medicine a cure-all.

How much to make and take?
One pound (500g) of bone-dry hemp buds will usually produce about two ounces (55-60 mL) of high-grade oil. This amount of oil will cure most serious cancers; the average person can ingest this amount in about three months. This oil is very potent so one must begin treatment with small doses. A drop of oil about half the size of a grain of rice, two to four times a day is a good beginning. After four or five days, start increasing your daily dosage very gradually. As time goes on the body builds a tolerance to the oil and more and more can be taken. In cases where people are in a great deal of pain, I recommend that their dosage be quickly increased until it kills the pain. High quality hemp oil will stop pain even when morphine is not effective. The oil can be applied to external injuries for pain relief in minutes.

Will I get high?
Following the dosage previously described, many people can take the full treatment and never get high. In regards to hemp, getting “high” is a joke; even if a person does take too much oil the effect wears off quickly and no harm is done. No one has ever died from the use of hemp medicine.

Will I become addicted?
Hemp oil does not cause your body to crave more. It is non-addictive, harmless, and effective for practically any medical condition.

Is this the same as hemp seed oil?
No! This is hemp oil, made from the bud and small leaves of the hemp plant. It is the essential oil of the hemp plant. Health food store sells oil made from hemp seed that is often mislabeled as hemp oil. Although seed oil is very beneficial, it does not contain enough THC to have any effect on cancer and other serious illnesses.

Are hemp and marijuana the same?
The word marijuana is one of over four hundred slang terms used worldwide to describe the cannabis and/or hemp plant.

Are all hemp plants the same?
When buying or growing hemp, procure a strain that has the highest possible THC content. To energize someone suffering from depression, I recommend a good Sativa strain. For most other medical conditions, I strongly suggest that Indica strains be used. Indicas relax a person and provide them with more rest and sleep.

How do I use it?
High quality hemp oil can be vaporized, ingested or used topically. Add the oil to creams and salves for external use.

Where can I get information about making the oil?
For someone new to making the oil I suggest that you go to “Run from the Cure”. There you can watch our documentary in seven segments. Segment #4 shows how the oil can be produced at home or one can go to and download the full documentary. You will need a high-speed internet connection and there is no charge. The process in the video could only be described as crude at best, but the oil that is produced will cure cancer. In reality, this medicine should be produced in a controlled environment, using distilling equipment, etc. to reclaim the solvent and to purify the oil. Most people do not understand distilling and do not have access to the required equipment. This is the reason such a simple method is described in the documentary, so if need be just about anyone can produce the oil. As in the video, again we stress that this process, if not done properly can be dangerous and we bear no responsibility if this educational information is misused.

From my experience with hemp medicine, I have found that most pharmaceutical medications are no longer needed once a person starts using hemp oil. Hemp oil seems to mix well with most natural medications but I have had a few reports frompeople trying to take hemp oil and pharmaceuticals who experienced stomach pain etc. All problems ceased when they stopped taking the prescription drugs.
To anyone who is going to act on this information to help a loved one, I welcome you to the world of real medicine. Again, I caution you to be very careful when boiling the solvent off. The fumes are very flammable. Be sure to stay away from red-hot elements, sparks, cigarettes, etc. That could ignite the fumes.

I wish you the best luck and health.
Warmest regards,
Rick Simpson



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