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Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  Everyone is trying her and his best to care for patient suffering with cancer.  There are differences of opinion among good people but tempers flare when lives are at stake. Nonetheless, an empowered patient must be a fully informed patient.   Here is a reputable medical doctor Norman Shealy who is critical of the standard of care.  We rely upon critics like Dr. Shealy if we are to improve the standard of care but change, even for the better, can irritate some egos!  That irritation is less important than fully informed and fully empowered patients being free to decide their treatment options for themselves.



My old friend, Dr Norman Shealy, an outstanding Harvard trained Neurosurgeon and founder of the American Holistic Medical Association, offers his mostly negative comments regarding  chemotherapy in this email along with his suggestions for an alternative approach including lots of IV Vit C and Far Infra Red Saunas for  detoxification along with mega nutrient therapies, etc.


C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Eva Segelov, Medical Oncologist at St. Vincent’s Clinical School, Sydney, Australia (Aust Prescr 2006:29:2-3) suggested that “-the benefits of chemotherapy have been oversold.”   A literature review of 5 year survival for major cancers after cytotoxic chemotherapy revealed that the survival rate was increased a mere 2.3% in Australia and 2.1% in the U.S.!!  The study did not look at quality of life.  However, I have long quoted another study which stated that chemotherapy increased life an average of 4 months.  Of course chemotherapy tortures most patients for 6+ months!!  Personally, death is not a big threat to me but torture is!  There is NO circumstance under which I would have chemotherapy.  I recognize that there is a significant cure rate for Hodgkin’s, some childhood leukemias and choriocarcinoma.  Surgery and in some cases radiation are worth considering.  And if you choose to have chemotherapy, I would strongly encourage all the safe alternatives to support you while undergoing therapy and if you prefer the best alternatives, here are my recommendations:

Daily saunas
Vitamin D 3, 50,000 units daily.  No calcium supplements on this dosage
Vitamin K 2, 100 mcg daily
Add K-Bicarb adequate to get salivary pH to 7.5
Glutamine powder, 2 tablespoons
Glucan, 2 tablespoons
Co Q 10, 400 mg
Megadapt, 4 daily (Om-Chi Herbs)
Maxogenol, 4 daily
Thymuril (thymus extract) 4
Coconut oil, 3 tablespoons daily
Castor Oil packs to the abdomen daily
Autogenic Training (my Basic Schultz tape)

Intravenous Vitamin C, 75 to 100 grams daily for two to four weeks.  This needs to have with it 100 mg B6, 1 cc B Complex 100, two grams magnesium chloride, 1 gram calcium chloride, 1000 mcg B 12, and 1 gram Dex-Panthenol, all in a liter of IV fluid.

I believe that the best diet is one or two meals a day of macrobiotic and the other one or two totally raw foods.

One patient cured herself of metastatic cancer to the liver by using abdominal castor oil packs and each night packing the soles of her feet with crushed raw garlic about a cm thick, putting on socks and continuing until the soles of the feet blistered after about 5 days!  I followed her “cure” after that for at least 5 years and I then lost track of her.
Personally I might use this approach but I would definitely use the RejuvaMatrix ™ one hour daily
And I would consult with at least 2 of the spiritual healers listed on my website,

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