Use medications, only when needed and at the lowest helpful dose.

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:

Many patients come to the Weeks Clinic for Corrective Medicine and Psychiatry because their goal is to correct their biochemical or lifestyle imbalances thereby rendering synthetic medications redundant.  No one is suffering from a health problem because they are deficient in a synthetic pharmacological drug.  If you are not depressed, its not because your “natural level of Prozac or Lexapro” is sufficient!  You have no natural level of a synthetic drug. But you DO have optimal levels of naturally occurring molecules which drugs are designed top mimic…   But why take the synthetic, expensive drug with all its bad side-effects when you could simply correct your native imbalances with corrective medicine and psychiatry?!!?!?

We prescribe prescription drugsbecause they work – plain and simple. They can be very effective, even life saving when used wisely (lowest effecdtive dose for the shortest possible duration in conjunction with supplementation and enhancement with the natural molecules of which the drug is a knock off)  Treating the whole person – checking metabolic  and digestive efficiency (production of thyroid hormones, vitamin D and gastric hydrochloric acid) are essential to really correct the specific problems. 

Ask your doctor to check your serotonin levels before prescribing a synthetic selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor and if your serotonin level is low,  look your doctor in the eye and ask her or him why not replenish the serotonin and see if that corrects the depressive symptoms before resorting to a drug with toxic side-effects…    This is especially true in the case of treating children with psychiatric drugs.

This youtube video is really  potent.  Take a look and hold onto your heart.




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