Got milk? Got Cancer..

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:   For the past 20 years I have defined dairy products as soul foods – but not health foods.   Dairy tastes good (especially if frozen with chocolate and sugar: ice cream) but it has never been good for you.  But for patients who crave the milky texture, I have recommended almond milk:  grind up 2 cups raw, un-radiated almonds, blend with 4 cups water (best in a Vitamix  machine) then filter and drink.  Nice when science catches up with common sense- read below.


The November issue of the peer-reviewed scientific journal Nutrition and Cancer (2011 Nov;63(8):1361-6) includes this study performed at Clemson University:

Milk stimulates growth of prostate cancer cells in culture

In their abstract, researchers wrote:

“Concern has been expressed about the fact that cows’ milk
contains estrogens and could stimulate the growth of hormone-
sensitive tumors. In this study, organic cows’ milk and two
commercial substitutes were digested in vitro and tested
for their effects on the growth of cultures of prostate and
breast cancer cells. Cows’ milk stimulated the growth of LNCaP
prostate cancer cells in each of 14 separate experiments,
producing an average increase in growth rate of over 30%. In
contrast, almond milk suppressed the growth of these cells by
over 30%…”

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