Nuclear radiation in Japan still worsening -get the update – USA exposure continues.

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:   I spent a week in September 2011 on the invitation of the Japanese College of IV Therapies to lecture to physicians about the prevention and amelioration of radiation toxicity given the ongoing tragic toxic releases from Fukashima.   If you the reader want to review the powerpoint, please call my office  360-341-2303 and we will email you a copy.    Also, if your doctor has not yet tested your serum iodine levels, please request that in order to determine whether you have enough of this inexpensive  element which can protect you and your loved ones from radiation poisoning.   The exposure continues as radiation rains down upon the USA. 

Meanwhile, please review the following youtube videos to get an update of the ongoing worsening problem.

If this doesn’t make you take your iodine, nothing will.  

Here’s another read on the issue.





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