Add antioxidants to your chemo and or radiation therapy – the research is clear!

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:

From Dr. Joubert: “What I know is 1)  that there is no evidence that chemo and radiotherapy without antioxidants significantly prolongs survival   2) there is ample evidence that chemo and rt with antioxidants significantly extends life, via the partial protection of the immune system and other mechanisms.

Mainstream oncologists think that the anti free radical action of antioxidants  can neutralize the oxidant damage of the  cancer cells membranes carried out by chemo and radiotherapy. Although they are not totally incorrect, the  evidence shows that there is much more life extension  and quality of life with antioxidants and orthodox treatments. And even hyperthermia, but that is another question.  And this fact remains  valid,  notwithstanding a new recent anti integrative oncology initiative on this issue from Dr D’andrea of the MSKCC.


Merci!  (My thanks to my friend and colleague  Christian Joubert, JD ND (France) see  or



Altern Ther Health Med. 2007 Jan-Feb;13(1):22-8.

Antioxidants and other nutrients do not interfere with chemotherapy or radiation therapy and can increase kill and increase survival, part 1.


Simone Protective Cancer Institute in Lawrenceville, NJ, USA.



Some in the oncology community contend that patients undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy should not use food supplement antioxidants and other nutrients. Oncologists at an influential oncology institution contended that antioxidants interfere with radiation and some chemotherapies because those modalities kill by generating free radicals that are neutralized by antioxidants, and that folic acid interferes with methotrexate. This is despite the common use of amifostine and dexrazoxane, 2 prescription antioxidants, during chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy.


To assess all evidence concerning antioxidant and other nutrients used concomitantly with chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy, the MEDLINE and CANCERLIT databases were searched from 1965 to November 2003 using the words vitamins, antioxidants, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Bibliographies of articles were searched. All studies reporting concomitant nutrient use with chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy (280 peer-reviewed articles including 62 in vitro and 218 in vivo) were indiscriminately included.


Fifty human clinical randomized or observational trials have been conducted, involving 8,521 patients using beta-carotene; vitamins A, C, and E; selenium; cysteine; B vitamins; vitamin D3; vitamin K3; and glutathione as single agents or in combination.


Since the 1970s, 280 peer-reviewed in vitro and in vivo studies, including 50 human studies involving 8,521 patients, 5,081 of whom were given nutrients, have consistently shown that non-prescription antioxidants and other nutrients do not interfere with therapeutic modalities for cancer. Furthermore, they enhance the killing of therapeutic modalities for cancer, decrease their side effects, and protect normal tissue. In 15 human studies, 3,738 patients who took non-prescription antioxidants and other nutrients actually had increased survival.


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