Milk drinking associated with 3 times the risk of prostate cancer

Milk-Drinking Male Adolescents Develop Triple the Rate
of Advanced Prostate Cancer!

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JOURNAL: American Journal of Epidemiology, 2011 Dec 20.
Dr. Weeks’ Comment:   Strong bones? That has been disproven since higher milk and dairy consumption is associated with higher rates of the bone disease “osteoporosis”.  (see  this link)

And now the cancer risk is clarified:  feed your son milk and triple his risk of developing prostate cancer later in life.  
TITLE: Milk Intake in Early Life and Risk of Advanced Prostate Cancer.

AUTHORS: Torfadottir JE,

SUBJECTS: In 2002-2006, a subgroup of 2,268 participants
reported their milk intake in early, mid-, and current life.
During a mean follow-up period of 24.3 years, 1,123 men were
diagnosed with prostate cancer, including 371 with advanced
disease (stage 3 or higher or prostate cancer death).

CONCLUSION: “Daily milk consumption in adolescence (vs. less 
than daily)…was associated with a 3.2-fold risk of advanced 
prostate cancer. These data suggest that frequent milk intake 
in adolescence increases risk of advanced prostate cancer.”

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Robert Cohen

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