Curiouser and Curiouser – Smart Meters and the DOD

Smart Meters are Associated with the Dept. of Defense. Not energy… DEFENSE.

Yes, that is the military!


Please read on and if this makes you feel queasy about the smart meter/smart grid program welcome to the war. If this is ok with you then you are most certainly in the class of people most desired by the new world order and classified as sheep as we hop up  on the slaughter table trusting that nothing bad will happen to you or your children there.


This, by the way is fact, not fiction or someone’s outlook on the situation. Please ask yourself, why is the DOD associated with the Smart Meter program and what does that mean to me?


The reason I am sending this to some of my friends who are outside of Nevada is that this is not just a Nevada problem, it is being implemented Nation wide and actually World Wide. It may be time for some of you to take a look around you. On the other hand, you could simply go on about your life as though nothing like this were actually happening.




Feel free to disperse far and wide!


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Here is the text of the PR:


Why is NV Energy’s Smart Meter Grant, Associated With The DOD’s Research & Development Division?

Nevada’s power conglomerate, signs onto a grant with the military, customers in a state of confusion.




PRLog (Press Release)Dec 07, 2011

Is NV Energy (NVE), the power czar of Nevada, in bed with the Military? Are Nevadan’s the newest group of lab rats sans consent or notification?


When NVE first applied for approval by the Nevada Public Utilities Commission (PUC), apparently, none of the attorneys, associated with the PUC or NVE did their due diligence.  Nor did NVE’s ”˜expert’, Gary Smith, Project Director, Smart Technologies, look before he signed for the free money, via the American Recovery and Revitalization Act.


They allowed the grant to be issued under the authority of 10 U.S.C. 2358, commonly referred to as:



Subtitle A–General Military Law



Sec. 2358. Research and development projects


Did they inform their stockholders of this association?


Since April 27th, NVE has been informed regarding the potential lab rat situation and their employees, Peter Eastler, Schad Koon and Steve Tam, vehemently denied the association.  Not to mention, all three of them lied to customers that these meters were federally mandated, which they were not.


During a workshop on December 6th, regarding Docket Number 11-10007, the PUC was informed of this association.  Gary Smith was provided with a copy of the DOE Assistance Agreement, acknowledging the authority, in the presence of Shawn M. Elicegui, Associate General Counsel for NVE, and numerous customers.


When questioned, Smith was speechless, looking like a deer in the headlights, regarding this association with the DOD, while Elicequi, stated, ”˜ we will respond to the PUC regarding this’.


Since the DOD has extremely stringent protocols regarding test subjects, will NVE implement these, or assume they can go ”˜rogue’?


Or will they concoct a story to circumvent the association, or try plausible denyability?


The PUC was notified and now Nevadan’s will have to wait and see, if they will investigate the DOD connection, or turn the entire state into an uncontrolled lab rat experiment!


Coming up:  Elicegui, signs off on a filed PUC requested response, with intentional false statements, meant to protect their smart meter deployment and discredit the anti smart meter activists requests/statements…first, Underwriters Laboratories.


Note:  Official copy of NVE, DOD authority can be found at NVEStopSmartMeters.Info




Angel De Fazio, BSAT

President/Executive Director

National Toxic Encephalopathy Foundation




NV Energy Stop Smart Meters


S.A.F.E.R.- Save Animals From Electro-Magnetic Radiation


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