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The Dark Side of This Popular Drug Taken by 1 in 4 Americans Over-45… 
Posted By Dr. Mercola | July 22 2011

A recent meta-analysis has demonstrated that taking statin drugs is associated with excess risk of developing diabetes.

Researchers looked at five different clinical trials that together examined more than 32,000 people. They found that the higher the dosage of statin drugs being taken, the greater the diabetes risk.

According to the study, as reported by Green Med Info:
“In a pooled analysis of data from 5 statin trials, intensive-dose statin therapy was associated with an increased risk of new-onset diabetes compared with moderate-dose statin therapy.”

Causes of Statin Side Effects

By Dr. Duane Graveline, M.D., M.P.H.
The reasons for statin drug side effects are better appreciated by using this figure of the mevalonate pathway ( also known as the HMG-CoA reductase pathway ) adapted from any medical school biochemistry book.
All statins are reductase inhibitors and therefore exert their effect at the very beginning of the mevalonate pathway, the location of this key reductase step.

When statin drug manufacturers make the claim of reduction of cholesterol synthesis, it is based upon inhibition of the mevalonate pathway, shared by the other major elements such as CoQ10 and dolichols.

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