The future of treatment for renal cell cancer – get the cancer STEM cells

Differentiation Therapy: Targeting Human Renal Cancer Stem Cells with Interleukin 15
Accepted September 30, 2011.  Journal National center Institute
  1. Sandy Azzi, et al

Background Many renal cancer patients experience disease recurrence after immunotherapy or combined treatments due to persistence of cancer stem cells (CSCs). The identification of reliable inducers of CSC differentiation may facilitate the development of efficient strategies for eliminating CSCs. We investigated whether interleukin 15 (IL-15), a regulator of kidney homeostasis, induces the differentiation of CD105-positive (CD105+) CSCs from human renal cancers.

Conclusion IL-15 directs the epithelial differentiation of renal CSCs and meets the criteria for a treatment strategy: CSC pool depletion and generation of differentiated nontumorigenic cells that are sensitive to chemotherapeutic agents.



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