Failure to Detox is a “Cancer Welcome!” sign

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: How ironic, the personal hygiene products we use to get clean actually pollute us! 


Paraben Traces May Be Present In Nearly All Breast Cancer Patients.

Time (1/13, Blue) reports in “Healthland” that “researchers have found that paraben traces are present in the tissue of almost all breast cancer patients, whether or not they use antiperspirants.” The researchers found that “even patients who’d never used underarm products had paraben traces in their breast tissue.” But “that’s not surprising, say the authors, since parabens are found in shampoos, make-up, moisturizers, pharmaceuticals and even some food products,” in addition to some antiperspirants.

HealthDay (1/13, Doheny) reports, “In the study, published online in January in the Journal of Applied Toxicology,” investigators “report that one or more kinds of parabens were found in 158 of the 160 samples taken from the tissue collected from…40 women.” The researchers “found 96 samples contained all five of the most common paraben esters (forms).”

WebMD (1/13, Mann) reports, “Paraben levels did not seem to play a role in the cancer’s location or whether or not the cancer was fueled by estrogen.”



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