Prostate Cancer and Milk

DR WEEKS’ COMMENTS:  The arguments are myriad for avoiding dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese, etc) – but just appreciating the growth hormones which are available in excess in dairy should be sobering.  Milk: good for you (if you are a baby cow)…  otherwise, we recommend milks made from  almond, soy, oats and other sources.

“Men with the highest versus lowest intake of whole milk were at an increased risk of progression.” (of prostate cancer growth).



Whole Milk Consumption & Prostate Cancer

JOURNAL: Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers, and Prevention

PUBLICATION DATE: February 7, 2012

STUDY TITLE: Milk and dairy consumption among men
with prostate cancer and risk of metastases and
prostate cancer death.


AUTHORS: Pettersson A, Kasperzyk JL, et. al.

AFFILIATION: Harvard School of Public Health.

BACKGROUND: “Whether milk and dairy intake after a
prostate cancer diagnosis is associated with a
poorer prognosis is unknown. We investigated
post-diagnostic milk and dairy intake in relation
to risk of lethal prostate cancer (metastases and
prostate cancer death) among participants in the
Health Professionals Follow-Up Study.”

SUBJECTS: “3,918 men diagnosed with apparently localized
prostate cancer between 1986 and 2006.”

RESULTS: “Men with the highest versus lowest intake of
whole milk were at an increased risk of progression.”
(of prostate cancer growth)

Robert Cohen

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