Data supporting antioxidant use during chemo and radiation.

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  Paradoxical though it seems, the use of anti-oxidants while undergoing oxidative therapies (chemotherapy and radiation) for cancer has been shown to be of benefit for the patient.   The rationale is not entirely clear but it seems that the rescue effects of anti-oxidants serve primarily the healthy  cells while the cancer cells are not aided. THe reduction in side-effects while not interfering with the therapy is remarkable. Ask your oncologist to review this topic with an open mind.

“… of more than 2300 studies and nearly 5000 patients that we reviewed, not a single study we reviewed showed any clinical evidence of antioxidant use interfering with chemotherapy…”


The use of antioxidants during chemotherapy has been a controversial topic, with questions raised about whether or not supplementary antioxidants may lead to benefit or harm. Keith I. Block, MD, medical director of the Block Center for Integra- tive Cancer Treatment; founder and editor-in-chief of the peer- reviewed medical journal Integrative Cancer Therapies; and director of integrative medical education at the University of Il- linois, College of Medicine, is an internationally renowned and leading expert on this topic and spoke about his clinical experi- ence, research and views. His conclusions are that the data suggest benefit from antioxidant use during chemotherapy and he cautions that treatment must be individualized.

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