V Poles – coming to a neighborhood near you soon.

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: We allow greater and greater amounts of electrical pollution for the sake of convenience and enhanced telecommunications.  But at what cost to health and privacy?



From a private communication:

These poles are very close to the general population; their application previews a 6 fold + increase in usage of wireless within a few years, and perhaps much more than 10-fold exposure of “background” radiation, with very dire effects on infrastructure corrosion within a decade – usually managed by municipalities, such as bridges, waterworks  (including water hydrants, sewage covers, drains), possible electric transmission facilities (street wiring, street lighting).
The Portfolio White Paper does not discuss the expected electromagnetic field levels (including maximums) (information which must be provided to at least the decision-makers, if not also the citizens) – and no consideration is given to frequent wet soil conditions in Fraser Valley, which will at the same time amplify other lower frequency / higher power via these poles up 10-fold from whatever the LightRadio system might broadcast.  We must never forget the accumulative effects of exposure to the wide range of microwave emissions from such setups to plant, animal and human life. Also, the economics must make sense not only to the servers, but also to taxpayers; public health, fertility of living systems, well-being must not bartered away.
Please use the attached info kit on wireless technology issues – especially for implications of various emission levels and court-ordered findings and jurisprudence. I strongly suggest that the city consider legal advise from environmental lawyers – and we are prepared to suggest some.
Yours sincerely,
 Andrew Michrowski
On Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 10:08 PM, Jim Waugh <jimdwaugh@shaw.ca> wrote:

Hello Andrew,

I hope that you are enjoying the summer weather.

 The City of Vancouver has announced it is investigating a new utility technology to group street lighting, Wi-Fi, telecom, electric vehicle recharging and other services into a single utility pole. The news release is http://www.v-pole.com/. The technology is called lightRadio developed by Alcatel-Lucent and Bells Labs. I’m sure you’re aware of it. For your convenience the white paper is here at http://www.v-pole.com/pdf/LightRadio_WP1_Technical_Overview.pdf.

 I have been asked by a municipal councillor in West Vancouver to comment on the technology with regards to wireless exposure levels and other safety concerns. This is new to me and I would appreciate any comments you can make or information that you might have. Thank you.




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