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Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  The motto of my alma mater,  Dartmouth College,  is  “Vox Clamatis in Deserto”  which descibed St. John the Baptist: “I am a voice crying in the wilderness” .  Dr. Ann Blake Tracy has also be crying in the wilderness, unacknowledged by many professional colleagues, criticized by most,  as she warned against rampant overuse of SSRI medications.  I have supported her courage and integrity for a decade now and appreciate her persistent revelations about the dangers of this widely prescribed medications.  Here is a note which  Dr. Tracy which came to me today so I share it with my patients and readers.  Read more of her work at www.drugawareness.org
NB:  The International Coalition for Drug Awareness is a private, non-profit group of physicians, researchers, journalists and concerned citizen



Our most recent post was on the extreme increase in the use of antipsychotic medications – especially in children: Since 1993 use in children (who have no choice in the decision) skyrocketed by 800%, in teens by 500%, and in adults by 200%.

Now a new study just out demonstrates brain damage in 75% of those who take these drugs!! Think it does not affect you because you are not on them? Better think again because we will all pay to care for those suffering brain damage from these drugs in higher taxes, higher insurance rates, etc. and in reduced productivity & creativity via the contributions these people could have made to our society.

Of course my first question would be, “How many of those patients tested had previously been on antidepressants BEFORE they were given antipsychotics to treat the antidepressant-induced psychosis?” Antidepressants ALSO decrease the blood flow to the brain as will any other drug that increases serotonin. The main function of serotonin is constriction of smooth muscle tissue such as the veins & arteries that carry oxygen to the brain.

As early as a decade ago in February of 2000 Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia published research indicating that several serotonergic medications within only four days use caused a shriviling up of brain cells or taking on of abnormal corkscrew shapes. The drugs were Prozac, Zoloft, and the diet drugs Redux & Meridia.

Click link below to learn more about brain damage that has long been linked to ALL serotonergic medications:



Do I dare say I have been at least a decade ahead of the curve all along with these serotonergic drugs that have flooded our planet? All you have to do in order to do be ahead of the curve on this is study 14-16 hours a day for MANY MANY YEARS!!!

Several articles
by me, Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, were published in the Citizens’s Section of the Salt Lake Tribune & Deseret News in 1997 & 1998. The publishers just could not seem to get enough of what I was writing about these drugs until pressure was brought to bear to discontinue that section of the news. Gee, I wonder why? But here is a copy of what I believe may have been the very first article I wrote for them. Note I was discussing the brain damage from antidepressants back in the 90”²s as these new studies are only bringing it out now.

Do I believe the brain damage associated with these medications is permanent? NO! But I am an eternal optimist also. I firmly believe there are several alternative treatments that can turn this damage around. Certainly it will take time & effort, but I believe it can be done. I also believe the drug manufacturers are who should foot the bill for the necessary treatments to assist in healing from the effects of their deadly drugs. Now to the article:




I have just finished preparing a series of articles for you. I want all of you who have loved ones locked in psychiatric wards & are having trouble getting them out, all well as nursing homes. custody of CPS, group homes, in the court system, or in child custody cases where meds are involved … anywhere where forced drugging is the issue … to gather these three
articles along with the one I posted a couple of weeks ago on psychiatric medications cutting one’s life by 15 – 25 years and perhaps the one last week on antidepressants doubling the chance of a relapse. My book would also be very helpful to take include as well since it includes much more information in the way of damage caused by any serotonergic medication holding them even more responsible for everything that could possibly happen as a result of the drugs. But at least take these articles with you & let the facility know that you intend to hold them accountable for any damage your loved one suffers as a result of their “treatment” of your loved one with these medications. Better yet, legally it would be more binding to mail the information via certified mail to the person responsible for the drugging along with a letter that is notarized saying you will hold them responsible for the damage.

The use of these newer atypical antipsychotics have increased in children by 800%, in teens by 500% and in adults use has doubled in the past two decades. There is NO EXCUSE for this! Click the link below to read the article:



The International Coalition for Drug Awareness is a private, non-profit group of physicians, researchers, journalists and concerned citizen


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