Therapeutic Fever

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:   Fever is a common symptom of disease in general and cancer in particular. But is fever causative or it is the body’s effort to heal itself?  Being present a the scene does not imply responsibility. For example, typically when I drive past an automobile accident on the highway I note the presence of police cars and ambulances. Ought I conclude that they caused the accident – with their flashing lights and sirens? That would be silly. They arrived in response to the accident intending to help out.  Might this also be the case with fever?   In the cancer wards, during my medical school training, I was often called to the bedside of the cancer patient in the middle of the night and required to “extinguish the fever”. This was always a frustrating task because, while too much of a fever is dangerous, some aspects of a fever are therapeutic. Were the cancer patients “mounting a fever” as a last ditch effort to mobilize their immune system for one last heroic effort to defeat their cancer. These answers are unknowable but since those initial years in training, I have grown to respect all disease symptoms as “healing gestures” which represent the adaptive wisdom of the amazing human being.



Therapeutic Fever  or Pyrotherapy


Got syphilis, give malaria, and win the Nobel Prize in Medicine.





How Fever can Cure Cancer.


“Leading European cancer specialist, Dr. Josef Issels, wrote on this topic: “Artificially induced fever has the greatest potential in the treatment of many diseases, including cancer.” Oxford professor Dr. David Mychles and his research team have recently confirmed the effectiveness of induced fever for treating disease, including cancer.”



Fever as Part of Defense

“Fever is an important part of the body’s defense against infection. Most bacteria and viruses that cause infections in people thrive best at 98.6 °F. Many infants and children develop high fevers with minor viral illnesses. Although a fever signals that a battle might be going on in the body, the fever is fighting for the person, not against.”




Only Mae West believes “took much of a good thing is wonderful.”   Let’s not forget that too much of a fever is very dangerous:  it destroyed nerves and made Hellen Keller deaf, dumb and blind.  Manage the fever carefully in order to optimize the benefits of pyrotherapy while protecting yourself and your loved ones from the dangerous aspects of fever.  Some home options include: cool compresses on calves and forehead, anti-pyretic over the counter medications and of course, see your doctor or call 911 if the fever persists and spikes to an unsafe or worrisome degree.




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