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Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  Medical doctors are typically too busy, too rushed, too overwhelmed and too uncritical to read a scientific article carefully.  I too fail often in this regard. But I have a secret weapon:  a brilliant, principled scientist who taught me decades ago to stop dairy products if I value my health.  Any time I want a careful (and humorous and scathing) analysis of a peer-reviewed scientific article which doesn’t seem to pass the sniff test, I send it to the NonMilk Man:  Robert Cohen.     Here he is….  in rare form!


Notmilk Pledges Multiple $1,000 Donations

“Charity creates a multitude of sins.”
– Oscar Wilde

The dairy industry promoted a study on their March 18th,
2013 website regarding milk consumption for sports teams.

Today, Notmilk is announcing thousand dollar donations
to the Dairy Industry’s Irritable Bowel Relief Fund
for each and every example of a professional baseball,
basketball, or football team seen drinking chocolate
milk on the sidelines of a game in lieu of Gatorade
during future broadcasts of televised sporting events.

Like people who are completely full of crap, the dairy
industry continues to promote their deceitful lie.

Here is what the marketing folks at DairyUSA based
their conclusion upon:

The March, 2013 issue of the journal Medicine and
Science in Sports and Exercise includes an article
with this title:

Effect of Milk on Team Sport Performance following
Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage. See:

Source: Department of Sport Development, Northumbria
University, Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom


“Two independent groups of 7 males consumed either
500 mL of milk or a control immediately following
muscle damaging exercise.”

NOTMILK COMMENT: Two groups of 7 males?
Is this a real study, or controlled absurdity?
The larger the sample size, the more credible is
a conclusion. Why not just use one subject in each

Researcher’s Conclusion:

“At 48 hours milk had a possible benefit for limiting
increases in 10 meter sprint time and a likely benefit of
attenuating increases in mean 15 meter sprint time during
the LIST. At 72 hours milk had a possible benefit for
limiting increases in 15 meter sprint time and a likely
benefit for attenuation of increases in agility time.
All other effects for measured variables were unclear.”

NOTMILK COMMENT: Unclear? Their deceit is perfectly clear!

NOTMILK CONCLUSION: Two days after the milk was consumed,
these idiot-scientists had their subjects sprint 10 meters
(32 feet)??? Three days after the milk was consumed, these
numbskulls then had the subjects run 15 meters (49 feet)?
I love their final stupid scientific conclusion…

“All other effects for measured variables were unclear.”

FINAL NOTMILK COMMENT: Consider that the English scientists
referred to a 32 foot sprint as “muscle damaging exercise.”

Is this science, or a Benny Hill comedy routine?

I cannot decide which of these two songs is more appropriate,
so I dedicate BOTH to the British science pretenders:

Robert Cohen

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