Patents acknowledge WIFI link with cancer

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  Public heath is similar to personal health  –  we strive to  “do no harm”

Yet the science and research is worrisome and those “responsible” for public health are conflicted (financially).

So inform yourself and  instruct your elected representatives and protect your loved ones.

Swisscom AG, a major telecommunications provider in Switzerland, filed U.S. and international patent applications for an innovative system to reduce “electrosmog” from wireless local networks (i.e., Wi-Fi) in 2003.

This patent application acknowledged the cancer risk from exposure to wireless radiation eight years before the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer declared that radiofrequency energy, including cell phone and Wi-Fi radiation, is a “possible carcinogen” to humans, like DDT and lead.

Furthermore, the application acknowledged that low-intensity, non-thermal exposures to wireless radiation is genotoxic. This is critical because the current U.S. regulatory standard for wireless radiation, established in 1996, does not protect us from non-thermal exposures.

According to this 2003 patent application, the “influence of electrosmog on the human body is a known problem.”

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