Parents pulling kids from school because of cell tower

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:   The risks of electrical pollution are being increasingly noticed – now we have parents taking their kids out of school based upon the documented health concerns.

from Catherine:

Awareness is growing.  Parents removing children from schools sends a powerful message.  This is necessary.  Asbestos was removed from schools in large part because parents removed their children from schools with asbestos problems.  While it is certainly wise to approach school administrators with information and documentation of the dangers of exposing children to wireless radiation, if the administration will not listen, you may need to be prepared to take further action.  The dangers of wifi and cellphone/broadband antennas will not be taken seriously as long as parents who are concerned leave their children in schools with wifi and antennas.  Parents removing their children from dangerous schools is needed to spur change.  Parents who opt to do so need to do so as publicly as possible if they would like to instigate change.

As you can see below, this is happening and getting coverage.  Keep up the good work.  Below the article, I have included a few links for those wondering why they should care.

Parents pulling kids from school because of cell tower

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ENCINITAS, Calif. – Parents in Encinitas were pulling their kids out of school because of health concerns at a charter school.

“She’s been attending this school since kindergarten,” said Sonya Goodwin, a mother.  “I pulled her out of the school just after Christmas, because I have concerns about the 18 cell sites.”

Cell towerGoodwin is talking about the cell phone towers at the Innovation Centre in Encinitas.  The school is one of 11 institutions run by Julian Charter Schools.  The Innovation Centre is located on the grounds of the Encinitas Beach Chapel.  Fifteen cell antennas are located in the church’s bell tower and the rest are in the parking lot.

“Our concern is cancer – just the effects of radiation,” said Justin Boudreau, whose son Ty used to attend the third grade at the school.

Boudreau is one of 10 parents that have pulled their children from the program.

Michael Schwaebe is an engineer and environmental consultant hired to conduct a study at the school for the parents.

“I would not have my child in this school,” said Schwaebe.  “The levels of radiation the levels I found were very discomforting.”

Schwaebe found high levels of radio frequency power density.

“At that level there are dozens of studies that show significant health biological effects,” said Schwaebe.

“He would like to see the readings about a million times below what FCC recommends,” said Executive Director of Julian Charter Schools Jennifer Cauzza.  She calls Schwaebe’s study unrealistic.

Working together with the church and AT&T, a scientist from UC Davis was hired to conduct another study.

“He found the levels safe,” said Cauzza.  “They were 50 times below what FCC regulations were.”Encinitas

Cauzza said she understands parent’s concerns, but what it really comes down to is choice.

“If you cannot be here with these antennas, then you can choose another program for your children,” said Cauzza.

“I feel like it’s unfair to have to choose between keeping my daughter in an amazing community versus a health risk,” said Goodwin.

“We’ve left and that’s our decision,” said Boudreau. “Had we known that two years ago, we would not have been here to begin with.

Cauzza said the Encinitas site is only temporary.

“We’re looking for a permanent site, but for now with such little real estate choices along the coast, it had to be the church.

Pastor Larry Peltier told Fox 5 the cell antennas have been at the church for the last 15 years and he has never received on complaint.

Fox 5 checked into Chula Vista, San Diego Unified, Poway and various other school districts, officials told us no cell phone sites are on any school grounds.

Read more: – Havas demonstrates clearly cardiac variability related to live DECT Phone.  In just 5 minutes, cardiologist Dr. Sinatra discusses why wireless radiation and electromagnetic pollution is the #1 cause of inflammation of the cells in your body, how EMF causes cell death, premature aging and how it can lead to disease like brain cancer, heart disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and more.  This webpage also includes links to Dr. Magda Havas’ 2010 Study on EMFs and Heart Rate Variability that showed irregular heart beats caused by cordless DECT phones and wireless.  Strongly worded letter from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine about the dangers of wifi in schools
Exp Oncol 2010 32, 2, 54-60
I. Yakymenko1, 2, *, E. Sidorik2
1Bila Tserkva National Agrarian University, Soborna square 8/1, Bila Tserkva 09117, Ukraine 2R.E. Kavetsky Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology and Radiobiology of NAS of Ukraine, Vasylkivska str. 45, Kiev 03022, Ukraine
Intensive implementation of mobile telephony technology in everyday human life during last two decades has given a possibility for epide- miological estimation of long-term effects of chronic exposure of human organism to low-intensive microwave (MW) radiation. Latest epidemiological data reveal a significant increase in risk of development of some types of tumors in chronic (over 10 years) users of mobile phone. It was detected a significant increase in incidence of brain tumors (glioma, acoustic neuroma, meningioma), parotid gland tumor, seminoma in long-term users of mobile phone, especially in cases of ipsilateral use (case-control odds ratios from 1.3 up to 6.1). Two epidemiological studies have indicated a significant increase of cancer incidence in people living close to the mobile telephony base station as compared with the population from distant area. These data raise a question of adequacy of modern safety limits of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure for humans. For today the limits were based solely on the conception of thermal mechanism of biological effects of RF/MW radiation. Meantime the latest experimental data indicate the significant metabolic changes in living cell under the low-intensive (non-thermal) EMR exposure. Among reproducible biological effects of low-intensive MWs are reactive oxygen species overproduction, heat shock proteins expression, DNA damages, apoptosis. The lack of generally accepted mechanism of biological effects of low-intensive non-ionizing radiation doesn’t permit to disregard the obvious epidemiological and experimental data of its biological activity. Practical steps must be done for reasonable limitation of excessive EMR exposure, along with the implementation of new safety limits of mobile telephony devices radiation, and new technological decisions, which would take out the source of radiation from human brain.
Key Words: tumor, radiofrequency radiation, microwaves, mobile phone, risk assessment, non-thermal effects.

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