Is your oncologist treating your cancer STEM cells?

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: For the past 8 years, Corrective Cancer Care at the Weeks Clinic has been the sole cancer care team in the Northwest which has focused on addressing the dangerous cancer STEM cells and not simply the cancer TUMOR cells, which are the sole target of conventional oncologists.   Still today, most of the oncologists I consult with do NOT know the difference between cancer STEM and cancer TUMOR cells and none of the people fighting their cancers know the difference….    I am saddened that conventional oncology still does NOT seem interested in cancer STEM cells,  so let’s take a minute to thank Professor Max Wicha, M.D. Director at the University of  Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center for his pioneering research on this topic.  This is an update from his team:

“What is a cancer stem cell?  Cancer stem cells are the small number of cells within a tumor that are capable of generating a new tumor. This means these are the cells actually fueling cancer’s growth and spread. These cells are resistant to current chemotherapy and radiation treatments, which may explain why cancer often comes back after initial treatment.”

For more information about cancer STEM cells which can help save your life or the life of your loved ones, see these links:




and search “cancer stem cells” at if this strikes you as important.

Now that you are informed, please ask your oncologist these four questions before moving forward with cancer care.

The 4 Questions to ask your oncologist:

1)“Are you able and willing to enhance my health while killing my cancer?”

2) “What chemosensitivity testing will you do to determine which chemotherapy agent to use?”

3) “What will your proposed cancer treatment do to my cancer STEM cells?”

4) “How are you planning to interrupt the Interleukin 8 “SOS” message my targeted and dying cancer TUMOR cells will emit in response to your chemotherapy and radiation?


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