Medical Board harassment – 1997 and 2013

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  I knew Dr. Glen Warner back when he was being harassed by the medical board Mquack and practicing in his elderly years.  He was a courageous man and  a brilliant compassionate effective oncologist. Holistic doctors referred cancer patients to him with great confidence – he being the only holistic oncologist in the northwest. I recall one day when I asked him why he was still practicing in his 90s despite the abuse by the medical board.  Dr Warner smiled and responded in words of generous care which I will never forget:  

“Brad, I am hoping to be a lightening rod to draw the harassment from that stupid bunch of bureaucratic, incompetent doctors while you younger holistic docs can get a safe start under the radar.”

Last week, while I was withstanding harassment from the same medical board, I received a letter from a patient referring to a 1997 article about how the medical board finally stole Dr. Warner’s medical license. It could have been written yesterday! The same strategy of harassment of holistic doctors continues.


“Dear Brad,
We were so sorry that you were not granted the stay today.  We are so disappointed with and  for you and your family and   know that God has a plan for you and your family  in the future.
Here is an article that you might have heard about already regarding  The Revocation of Dr. Glen Warner’s license.

Here’s a link  which parallels your and our fight. Things haven’t changed since this saga back in the 90’s. I believe he lost his license around 1995.  The verbiage  of the infamous “Mquack”:) committee is almost identical to what was said 18 years ago.

What will it take for changes to be made?


(a patient who once had cancer!)”


Click HERE to read about how the MQAC took Dr. Warner’s license despite hundreds of letters from patients.

Note the arrogance of MQAC’s attorney:

“In her attack on Dr. Warner before the Court of Appeals on June 28, the Commission’s attorney, Beverly Goetz, argued that cancer patients are ‘incapable’ and ‘unqualified’ to know whether they’re getting appropriate care or not. Only a body of experts such as the Commission, she stated, were so qualified.”


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