Coffee as anti-depressant which reduces risk of Suicide

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: You can have your opinion about the health benefits of coffee. Everyone does! Pros and cons abound but Science herself, in her quiet, unflappable manner, tells us that the pros outweigh the cons.  Here is the best summary article.

Coffee (without cream and sugar) lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and helps you live longer) .

Coffee lowers risk of cancer and not just in the enema form…  both prostate and uterine cancer!

Quite simply, coffee drinkers have a lower risk of death.  


The newest scientifically validated benefits of coffee (see below) now includes anti-depressant and anti-suicide effects. Those are big claims. The science is solid – almost 200,000 patients over many years were studied!)

“…Conclusions. These results from three large cohorts support an association between caffeine consumption and lower risk of suicide…”

For years, I urged my patients to stop drinking coffee when really, in retrospect, I was telling them to stop two unhealthy foods: cream (dairy) and sugar (no needs to justify avoiding sugar – we all know it is white death).

But what is the real take home message here, dear reader? Drink coffee? No.  That is not the real message. 

The message no scientist dependent upon grant funding will easily confess is simply what Hippocrates taught thousands of years ago:  “Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food.”    Corrective medicine urges us  “correct” the imbalances is the most “centsible” (safe, effective and cost effective manner) so we recommend using healthy  food wisely  which, coffee being the most recently validated example, proves to be  as potent as a drug with far fewer side-effects!   

But “Yes” – you are now justified to drink your coffee “guilt free” (in moderation, Elaine!).

But which coffee? In my opinion, the healthiest coffee is organic (since coffee is an oil based drink which is highly pesticided making it a carries for toxic pesticides right into your belly if not organic)


Scientists suggest boiled coffee has the highest amount of  antioxidants and is described as a “preventive health powerhouse” 

Also, I recommend that coffee that is taken without cream and sugar (see above)

But here is the twist, thousands of my friends and patients are now drinking “Medical Coffee” which is organic coffee infused with a healthy dose of ganoderma – the King of Herbs –  which boosts immune function, anti-inflammatory function and mood! For more information on “Medical Coffee”, see  this link  or call SAFALAB for a free sample. Medical Coffee is the one dose of “medicine” people wake up to which makes them feel better right away!

Get your coffee infused with anti-inflammatory seeds: black cumin seed, grape seed, grape fruit seed as well as the powerful, immune-stimulating ganoderma (red reishi) mushroom.  Buy the world’s healthiest coffee … FUSED  click HERE.



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