Stop using WIFI – use this instead!

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:   Every school should disconnect wifi for health reasons and use this safe and effective option. The following was sent to me by a wise friend.
You have no excuses left at all for having wireless internet in your home. My friend Jeff introduced this technology to me, I bought the Network Kit on Amazon and I just tried it out. Works perfect! Super easy.

It is so simple. It is called an Actiontec Powerline Home Theater Network Adapter Kit. It costs about $47 or a bit more on Amazon, you can also find them on various websites and on eBay. The kit includes 2 adapters. All you do is plug one adapter into your AC wall outlet near where your internet modem is located, then connect the modem to the adpater with an ethernet cord. (BE SURE TO DISABLE THE WIRELESS OPTION ON YOUR MODEM!)

Then you take the other adapter in the kit and plug it into the wall outlet in another room, say your living room. And that adapter has 4 ethernet outlets in it for computers or other devices. Then you just plug another ethernet cord into that adapter and into your computer and you have high speed internet, simple as that. You can purchase extra adapters and put them in any room you want, even in your garage and have an internet connection there.

So there you have it, so simple. No wireless necessary! Now knowing the EMF issue, my first concern was that this technology was going to create high frequency transients (dirty electricity) on the home wiring. I thought for sure because the modem is sending signals along the home wiring it would greatly increase the dirty electricity.

The first thing I did after installing the adapters is use my Stetzerizer Meter to check for increased dirty electricity. There was a slight increase, but it was not near as much as I thought it would be. And this small increase in dirty electricity cannot even be compared to the health dangers one is exposed to having wireless modems in the home. So for me, this is a go! Get one as soon as you can, and remember, DISABLE THE WIRELESS OPTION ON YOUR MODEM, AS YOU WONT BE NEEDING IT ONCE YOU INSTALL THIS NETWORK ADAPTER KIT.

Here is the link to purchase one on Amazon.

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