The aspartame plague

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: The science which demonstrates the toxicity of aspartame in particular and artificial sweeteners in general is irrefutable.  To add to that impressive bulwark of science, please review the excellent articles below by Ed Johnson, JD  – a passionate evangelist of  health!


See the excellent paper “Aspartame Causes Brain Tumors … Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt.” is published on

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Subject: Aspartame Lobbyist gets 10 years


From Stephen Fox, Mission Possible New Mexico.  Yes, I do remember him calling us paranoid schizophrenic junk scientists.  Aspartame lobbyists have such class!  He claimed to work for Calorie Control Council which is a front group for the aspartame industry.  This was when I testified for the Senate and House in 2007.  I tried to talk to him but he said he had a meeting and  he would talk with me on his way out.  I have found in the past more than 20 years they will not debate you because they know you have the records and the proof.  When this man left his meeting he went around where I was sitting and waiting for him.  I started after him and he literally “ran away”.  They are so afraid of the truth.  Well since he likes aspartame so well maybe they will feed him Diet Coke three times a day to suffer as other aspartame victims have done.

This reminds me when I was lecturing in England and Scotland in 2000.  Monsanto was asked to debate me and refused.  They were telling people I was only in England to put them out of business, so at the lecture I said, “Well, sometime they actually tell the truth.”  After all, no company who knowingly poisons the public should be in business.

Thank you Stephen.  I do believe you reap what you sow!

Remember this is Aspartame Awareness Week.  Play it forward:

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder
Mission Possible International



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