Milk – Unhelathy

Newspaper: The Herald (Everett, Washington)
Date: Saturday, September 21, 2013
Headline: Milk, Unfortunately, Builds Weak Bones
Author: Beverly Hoback


“One of the greatest myths ever foisted on the
American public is still being disseminated in
our classrooms despite mountains of scientific
evidence to the contrary. This is the myth that
milk builds strong bones.”

“Milk consumption is associated with an increased
risk of hip fracture in elderly people (Science News)
the countries with the highest milk consumption had
the highest rates of hip fractures, and the countries
with the lowest rates of milk consumption had the
lowest rates of hip fractures.”

“The famous Harvard Nurses’ Health Study followed 77,761
women aged 34 through 59 for 12 years. This study found
that the women who drank three glasses of milk daily had
double the number of fractures compared to women who
rarely drank milk.”

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