Statins are anti-inflammatory agents

Dr. Weeks’ Comments: How do statins work? They are anti-inflammatory agents. Simple as that.  The cholesterol lowering effect derives from anti-inflammation processes. Like aspirin.  But unlike aspirin, they destroy the body’s essential energy source  Co enyzme Q 10 (CoQ10).  So, yes, statins are being marketed broadly – see below –  (also against cancer) but anti-inflammatory agents which don’t destroy CoQ 10  are better for you;  and SOUL is the safest and most effective anti-inflammatory agent we know of at this time!  


Statins prevent cataracts, study suggests (August 31, 2013) — Statins lower the rate of cataract by 20 percent, according to new research. The risk of cataract was reduced by 50 percent when treatment was initiated in younger individuals (in their 40s) and the duration of therapy was longer (e.g. up to 14 years). … > full story

High dose statins prevents dementia, study suggests (August 31, 2013) — High doses of statins prevent dementia in older people, according to new research. The study of nearly 58,000 patients found that high potency statins had the strongest protective effects against dementia. … > full story


As regards cancer:


The Risk of Cancer in Users of Statins

© 2004 by American Society of Clinical Oncology


Conclusion This observational study suggests that statins may have a protective effect against cancer.

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