BRCA gene insights

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: This is the most intriguing “follow the money” example I have learned of recently.  



(More like breast cancer disinformation and inculcation month if you ask me.  Let me explain.)


Did you know that the BRCA (or ‘bracka’ breast cancer gene) is a good thing to have?  In the spirit of the Orwellian disinformation that takes place every October, I will explain why it is “Double Plus Good!”  Also, did you realize that that only 10% of breast cancer is associated with BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations although I would argue that over 90% of all breast cancers can be explained by telomere dysfunction, which is theoretically preventable with lifestyle and nutraceutical enhancement of telomerase activity.

BRCA is a gene that codes for a protein that helps PREVENT cancer.  Being a carrier for BRCA means that you have a common broken variant of the gene and only one functioning copy. One copy is good. Two copies is truly double plus good. No copies is incompatible with life. Saying BRCA causes cancer is like saying a Police strike causes crime.

How does the BRCA protein work?  They are involved with repairing DNA and maintaining telomeres, of course.

Conventional wisdom is driven by fear and corporate greed in this matter. The truth about BRCA is clearly explained in my book, “Telomere TImebombs” on page 117, Chapter 7: “Aging fast, slow, and not at all”.  If they are lying about BRCA being dangerous and bad perhaps it was because Myraid lost the Supreme court battle in June of 2013 to claim a patent on the common gene mutations that occur frequently in Ashkenaki Jews, like Gilda Radner.

Perhaps there is some truth to the conspiracy theorists tying Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy to the recent loss of the Supreme Court case? It is great marketing for selling a test that is expensive yet sadly establishes a very harmful pretext for prophylactic surgery.  Prophylactic surgery is like removing functional tires because they might wear out someday. Not very smart unless you own a tire factory and aren’t attached to the original tires. This is just my opinion and I welcome your comments.



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