These past years I have increasingly paused,

perplexed and unable to recall

my age.

Was I  55 or 56 already?


Doing the math of 1957 from 2013 proved another frustration

and so I shrugged and turned my mind back to the immediate task  (“Where was I?”)

then, with a sigh, looked around for a way to climb

back onto my receding life

– just now pulling away from the train station

of the perfect, non-attached moment.


Leaving the enticing experience of the Now for later,

I heft my not entirely familiar baggage

of increasing difficulty finding the right word

and smiling, I wave farewell to what’s his name

before taking a comfortable window seat.


Though I seem to have misplaced my ticket stub,

I expect to enjoy the scenery towards somewhere

while counting my blessings,

but I can’t help wondering,

in a distracted manner,

whether I missed one.



BSW 1-30-13

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