Once natural, now a drug. Depressed?

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  Attention, American citizen, YOUR FDA (funded by your tax dollars and answerable to your elected representatives)  is fighting against you. They allow for-profit drug companies to repackage natural nutritional unpatentable supplements and call them “drugs” and allow them to be patented!  You and your pocket book / wallet are hurt.  It is time for you insist that your public servants serve the public (you !) and not the Big Pharma companies. 

Listen up fans of holistic integrative medicine!
Listen to this You Tube paradigm shift as doctors shift to holistic medicine,    http://youtu.be/Tn170JIBZZ0

but note at 3:38  to words which would thrill Dr. Abram Hoffer….

“…Its  a huge shift.  I  think in five years 10 years from now we’ll be using these co factors as our primary therapy and then when the patient doesn’t respond to the therapy we’re going to add an anti-depressant. It won’t be the other way around.
So natural safe thing that addresses the root causes of depression rather than just symptomatic and then if we don’t get a response then we will add the antidepressant.”  
…. if only they wouldn’t call this  “natural safe thing”  (i.e. ortho-molecules)  a drug…
Note that the doctor refers to the prescription, patented drug Enlyte as a “natural product” and contrasts it with “anti-depressants” and  “drugs” …..  yet Enlyte is indeed marketed as  an antidepressant”.
So the company has to get their message clear….   is their product an  “agent”   and  “natural thing”   or is it a  “drug”  and “anti-depressant”
Bottom line –   I recommend that you insist that your doctor prescribe this  “natural thing”  before you allow the toxic and dangerous SSRI drugs to enter the lives and bodies of you or your love ones.  A similar option to Enylte is another drug derived from natural products: Deplin,  but let’s think for a minute folks…
However, if you are depressed, why not just go to your health food store and order corrective natural nutrients (B vitamins, folic acid, minerals, essential amino acids and  essential fatty acids) to fix your imbalances? Why resort to drugging yourself when you can correct the imbalances, reduce inflammation and thrive!

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