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Dr. Weeks’ Comment: Nitric oxide is a critically important agent for vascular health and to prevent cancer and other degenerative diseases.  Here is an excellent summary of one version of nitric oxide  Neo40.



by Nathan S. Bryan, Ph.D.

The Genesis of Neo40
® daily

Several decades ago, nitric oxide (N-O) was discovered and the discovery was so profound that it resulted in a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine to three U.S. scientists. It rapidly became the most heavily researched molecule because of its critical role in facilitating function in humans and other living creatures. Foundationally, N-O acts as an endogenous regulator of the intracellular availability of oxygen and is critical for normal mitochondrial function. However, numerous aspects of modern living threaten optimal N-O levels, and therefore its protective effects, in the body. Many age-related diseases such as cardiovascular, metabolic, and cognitive have clearly been linked to the progressive loss of this single molecule.
There has been a lack of new N-O-based therapeutic drugs and although the market abounds with formulations containing L-arginine–a substrate for making N-O–the efficacy of these products is questionable. That void inspired our Research Team at the University of Texas Health Science Center’s Texas Therapeutic Institute (TTI) to research and develop a new approach. 
Understanding that L-arginine was not the solution, we started looking for ways to restore endogenous pathways that make N-O to ultimately reverse an emerging epidemic of N-O insufficiency. There was, at the time, only two approved ways to do this: One was to give organic nitrates such as nitroglycerine which works in acute situations but is potentially harmful when administered chronically. The other was to give N-O gas directly into the pulmonary circulation but is expensive, impractical, and only approved for premature infants with pulmonary hypertension.
As a hard-core drug development scientist, I initially had no interest in herbs but was led to consider the potential of plants after reviewing a library of natural plant-based products that might be used for drug development. It was a place to look for compounds that might increase N-O production or generate N-O through different mechanisms. Suddenly immersed in traditional Chinese botanical medicine, our team found herbs that demonstrated different types of nitric oxide bioactivity. 
At the time, my department was led by Dr. Ferid Murad, 1998 Nobel Laureate. I began screening a wide variety of plants and herbal remedies, measuring and quantifying their potential for supporting N-O production. We had a handful of plants that had profound N-O activity, but we were unable to isolate small molecules from a single fraction. In short, when we took the plants apart, the N-O activity fell apart. This was obviously an undesirable and disappointing result. From a drug development standpoint, the project was deemed, essentially, a failure. However, two very useful plant extracts did emerge, Hawthorn berry (Crataegus monogyna) and beetroot (Beta vulgaris). The N-O activity was undeniable, so the thought was to harness the N-O generating potential in its true natural form. The only missing piece at that point was how to deliver that N-O in a manner that was safe and effective in humans.
What arose from years of research and development is a lozenge that activates in saliva to induce the rapid production of N-O gas. The ingredients produce a long-lasting surge in N-O production, which is necessary to restore N-O homeostasis. The Neo40 technology is biphasic in nature. The first phase delivers authentic N-O gas as the lozenge is dissolving. The second phase provides the substrates and cofactors necessary for restoring constitutive N-O production in the blood vessels.  Neo40 daily has been clinically shown to be safe and effective for restoring N-O production. In fact, within 2 weeks of twice-daily supplementation, there is a significant improvement in endothelial function, producing changes that are visible on thermography through increased vascular perfusion.
Though originally intended as a pharmaceutical, Neo40 daily is a nutraceutical that is considerably less costly than its drug model. Moreover, the idea to take the product to market as a supplement actually came from FDA officials who acknowledged the science and benefits and didn’t see anything in the formula that qualified as a “new drug ingredient”. Neo40 stays within the bounds of good science and remains under the close watch of the University of Texas. It has turned out to be one of the most successful in TTI’s portfolio of technology transfers. 
Linus Pauling, the father of orthomolecular medicine, advocated a system of healthcare based on providing, “the right molecules in the right amounts at the right places.” He indicated that the right molecules are “substances that are normally present in the human body.” The same premise can be applied to the N-O biochemistry of patients.
Neo40 daily safely provides for the continued production of the right molecule. It is becoming obvious that others have tried to copy our technology and design. Beware of imitators! Neo40 is the only N-O technology that is scientifically validated, clinically tested and patent protected. We at Neogenis® Labs are committed to ground-breaking scientific innovations and product solutions.

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