The Proof is in the YouTube re Radiation

Dr. Weeks Comment:  Within a week of Fukushima melting down, cows across America were excreting radioactive milk. The situation has worsened over the past 18 months but the media has decided NOT to report on it. Sadly, the truism “Out of print, Out of mind” applies for an uneducated, soap- opera addicted citizenry.


So we have not been alert.  But fortunately, a few of we vigilant friends have been wielding our geiger counters which offer more credible evidence about radiation levels than the media or politicians are allowing to be published. And now, while one friend reports that the beaches of San Francisco are radioactive and another that the beaches of Lummi island are radioactive,  we now learn that in Missouri’s snow is radioactive.  Dutch Sinse has released a youtube video of himself using a Geiger counter to find answers for himself, rather than believe what the corporate media tells him.


Here is the video…..    This video demonstrates that the radioactivity level was TWICE AS HIGH as expected compared to prior tests taken when there was no precipitation which yielded less  30 cpm in the identical spot on a sunny day with no precipitation.
Another   video  shows how complicit the media is despite the data being leaked to the public.
“Befuddled” California Department of Health public “servants” are anything but claiming as they are that radiation of 150 cpm, (note: this is five fold higher than normal) is “normal”.  Are we so deeply into Big Brother’s double speak that “normal” can mean “abnormal if we so desire?”
What happens if you bring your geiger counter onto a commercial airplane (remember the atmospheric air is constantly brought into the airplane cabin, circulated and exhaled)  and arrive on the West Coast?
This video may cause you some alarm!  Note that the readings get more toxic just prior to landing in California. remember also that 30 cpm is normal and safe so how does  2000 cpm make you feel? Still flying the friendly skies?
Leuren Moret of Berkeley California describes why and how the Fukushima disaster came to pass in this video 
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2) Sulfur
3) VizPurz
4) Modifilan / GlandRegen
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2) plenty of safe water (filter with a safe and effective filter)
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4) Bentonite clay is also helpful 
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