Cesium 137 at 124X higher than safe



“If suffering brings wisdom, I would wish to be less wise.”
– William Butler Yeats

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Yesterday (January 15, 2014), fishing made news on two
fronts. First, The United States House of Representatives
passed a Bill containing $75 million in disaster aid to
commercial fishermen. Second, it was revealed that
commercial fishermen have taken fish (black sea bream)
containing deadly levels of radioactive cesium tested at
12,400 becquerels per kilogram which is 124 times the
safe human threshold for human consumption. The fish
contamination resulted from the 2011 Japanese Fukushima
power plant nuclear disaster.
Ocean-raised fish swim free, but those creatures living atop
their own food chain consume the pesticides and heavy metals
(such as mercury) and dioxins and radioactive accidents from
tens of thousands of meals from smaller creatures, which, in
turn, have consumed millions of tainted and polluted diatoms.

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“Think occasionally of the suffering of
which you spare yourself the sight.”
– Albert Schweitzer

Robert Cohen

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