Sulfur to detoxify

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  Sulfur has been deficient in our diets since the mid-1950s.  Now we need it more than ever. It is proven to be effective as a protective agent against the radiation from Fukushima.  Protect yourself!   Read to inform yourself then take action and order the Five-Fold Shield:  Sulfur, Modifilan, SOUL, VizPurz, and Iodide  – along with your vitamin C and a healthy multi-vitamin, Multi-Mineral like Vital Assist. 



Organic Sulfur


Organic sulfur is a food not a drug:  MethylSulfonylmethane in crystal form precipitated from lignin based DMSO.  It has not been processed past precipitation into its crystalline matrix.  Sulfur exists as a crystal in its mineral and organic forms.  No fillers, anti-caking agents or preservatives are added.  Flow agents are deemed necessary for the production of powders for pills and capsules, these flow or anti caking agents interfere with the uptake of sulfur.


Studies suggests that sulfur should always be taken 30 minutes before any prescripttion medications or nutraceutical products including vitamins.  Pills and capsules which contain silicon dioxide, calcium stearates or other ingredients will block the uptake of sulfur 100 %.  These agents are sometimes referred to as “other ingredients”.


Someone who weighs up to 200 lbs and healthy we suggest one teaspoon (4 grams) TWICE a day.  We have discovered that someone who weighs less than 200 lbs should take the same one teaspoon twice a day at least initially.  Some people (not many) have reported a “detox” or healing by taking ½ teaspoon twice a day.  Should “detox” or flu like symptoms occur, take more sulfur NOW.  More sulfur seems to be better tolerated than too little sulfur.  You cannot take too much!


As the label suggests sulfur can be eaten but most of our Study Members choose to dissolve the crystals in a small amount (1-2 ozs) of warm or hot non-chlorinated or filtered water, followed by a full glass (8-10 ozs) of water.  Sulfur can be taken with real food and meals but works best on empty stomach.  Brushing your teeth with sulfur is beneficial for gums.


Proper hydration is absolutely necessary since the oxygen for cellular metabolism is in the water we drink as opposed to the air we breathe.  We use the rule of 50 ounces of water per 100 lbs per day which means a 200 lbs person should drink a minimum of 100 ounces of water per day.


Your body is comprised of 4 % sulfur, but does not store the sulfur nor make it.  We should get sulfur from the foods we eat, but the use of chemical fertilizers we believe, has broken the sulfur cycle.


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