cell towers threatening bird life

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: In tragedies like this, not fun saying “I told you so…”


Please take the time to read this wonderful article.

Then, help us get the word out to both other individuals who love birds and environmental groups.  It is time that they step up to the plate on this issue.  Proceedings which will result in increased levels of microwave radiation in the environment and additional towers, both of which will threaten bird health, are come up fairly frequently.  If you get this as a forward and are not on the www.electricalpollution.com mailing list, please email webmaster@electricalpollution.com with “join email list” in the subject line so that you get announcements about action opportunities and additional information.

Please take the time to pass on this information as widely as you can.

Best, Catherine
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US Department of the Interior warns: communication towers threaten birds

In a letter regarding a new nationwide wi-fi deployment (called FirstNet), the US Department of the Interior states the proposal threatens birds, and is not consistent with current information and laws that protect birds.  They called for an environmental review.

Two hundred forty one bird species are at mortality risk from both tower collisions and from exposure to the radiation towers emit.

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