Where have all the bees and insects gone?

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  after focusing on electrical pollution over the past 10 years,  I have long suspected that my bees are effected by WIFI and cell towers.  Colony collapse syndrome (CCS) is killing bees and thereby the planet (you and me).  Is electropollution part of the problem?


From a colleague:
Back in 2006, I wrote the following article after noticing a disappearance of insects in my environment, which was at the time, Kunming, China. <http://www.rense.com/general81/emfs.htm> (Several people were able to find a few insects in that city and hence tried to discount or diminish what I was saying, but still the fact remained.)

However, after living in China, I lived in the intentional community of Auroville, India, which at the time would not allow any cell phone towers on its land and was also pretty much a white zone. Auroville had a very noticeable abundance of insects everywhere. So much so that they were crawling on the walls at night only to be eaten by the Geckos and the ants would be very quick to take away bread crumbs from a table at the cafe.
While I was living in Auroville,  I went two-hours north to the city of Chennai (formally Madras) to have a video interview with a university in the United Arab Emirates. I had the local taxi company take me up there and spent quite a bit of time trying to find a hotel as they were either booked or quite expensive. I ended spending about $ US 30.00 for a dumpy room that had no fan and no screens on the windows. One thing I noticed was that in spite of not having any screens on the window and the windows being open all night, not one insect came in the room. I also noticed walking around the city that there were no ants to be found on the ground.
A few years later, when I was back in Japan, I took a trip to Cebu Island in the Philippines to attend a conference on language teaching. There was a garbage can across the street from my hotel. While there was garbage strewn around the garbage can , there were no insects there: no ants, no flies, no nothing. There were however, cell phone antennas plastered on the buildings throughout the city.
Recently, I decided to do an experiment here at my townhouse in Santa Cruz. I poured some honey on brick on my back patio. The honey sat there without one insect coming to consume it for a few days and finally melted and evaporated from the dry heat.
However, this past weekend at Harbin Hot Springs, I saw bees, I saw butterflies, I saw dragonflies, I saw ants, I saw flies, and I even saw a few mosquitoes.
I guess people are too busy consumed with their iPhones and Androids to notice — to be mindful of — what is happening in their immediate environments.

More on the disappearance of insects:



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