Mammograms – the science does not support it

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: One patient (a female doctor) told me years ago (after a mammogram failed to pick up her breast cancer) that the only way mammography will be thrown to the dust heap of medical tools (where it belongs)  is when a similarly painful squeezing technology is listed upon men concerned with screening for testicular cancer…. Breast MRI scans are safer than mammography, but it is like pulling teeth to get your doctor to order one or your insurance company to reimburse for one.  Mammography remains the standard of care and like most standard of care options, it is “yesterday’s medicine”  anointed not on scientific merits so much as due to economic considerations. This is the ugly underside of how standard of care is established: more by consensus by “experts” who sit on boards of companies whose products they endorse than by science and patients outcomes.  Simply stated, the standard of care is understood to be suboptimal which is why many doctors never opt for it when they or their family members get sick.  Science moves faster than concensus and now you are learning about the optimal screening tool for great health which  was invented by my friend Kevin Kelly MD  (radiologist):  the little known safe and effective SONOCINE  See  this link for more info and for a location nearest to you.  

What follows is a brief list of  articles describing arguments against mammography which you can share with your doctor.


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