Preventing the spread of cancer

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:   Cancer spreads by inflammatory processes  – SOUL is the best anti-inflammatory agent – and certain foods like dairy are inflammatory – prevention beats treatment any day of the week.   As for soy  – fermented is best and lunasin is a component in soy which is highly beneficial as well.



“You may think I’m harmless
You could not be more wrong
Careful what you do
I am just a ticking time bomb
You may think I’m bluffing
You couldn’t be more stupid
I’m laughing cause I know that someday
This ticking bomb will explode”
– Skylar Grey

*     *     *     *

The American Cancer Society (ACS) has assessed the  state of 21st century cancer therapy, and the news is not so good for cancer patients.

ACS writes:

“Of all the possible late complications of cancer treatment, developing a second cancer is one of the most serious.”

ACS provides a list of traditional treatments which sometimes lead to the development of second cancers.
These dangerous protocols include:

Radiation therapy resulting in breast cancers and leukemia due to radiation exposure.

According to ACS researchers, it gets worse. They report:

“For some cancers, the risk is higher if chemotherapy was given along with radiation.”

ACS reveals that the cancer most often linked to chemo is:

“…myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), a bone marrow problem that is sometimes called a type of cancer, occurs first, then turns
into AML. Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) has also been linked to chemo. Chemo is known to be a higher risk factor than
radiation therapy in causing leukemia.”

How long after treatment do traditional radiation and chemotherapy risks last? According to ACS:

“Studies have shown that leukemia risk begins to rise about 2 years after treatment with alkylating agents, becomes highest
after 5 to 10 years.”

In other words, traditional cancer treatments of radiation and chemotherapy are ticking time bombs which make cancer
treatment oncologists wealthy, while betraying patients.

There has to be a better way.

The American Cancer Society concludes:

“No matter what type of cancer is treated, treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy can lead to a second cancer
in the long run. Because it can take many years for treatment-related cancers to develop, they have been studied
best in those who have lived a long time after being treated. Successfully treating a first cancer gives a second cancer
the time (and the chance) to develop.”

Notmilk concludes:

We have learned two things about the dreaded “C” word.

1) naturally occurring IGF-1 in milk accelerates its growth.
2) naturally occurring medicines in plant-based diets
inhibit its growth.

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