Progesterone – the real thing.

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: It is tragic that young ladies are given fake knock-offs mislabeled  “synthetic progesterone” when really progestins in birth control pills are NOT progesterones so let’ be clear.  Take the real stuff, not the synthetic stuff.  



 by Bradford S. Weeks, M.D.

The first thing you should know about progesterone is that it is natural, safe and essential. The second thing you should know about progesterone is that is it NOT progestin or medroxy-progesterone and, contrary to what your doctor told you,  it is NOT an ingredient in your birth-control pills. So when your doctor tells you that your PremPro or your birth-control pill has a “synthetic progesterone” in it, that is either a LIE or a statement from a careless or ignorant professional. The third thing you should know about progesterone is that if your receptor status of your breast cancer is “PR positive” (progesterone positive), that means, progesterone in your case will benefit you by fighting your cancer.  Progestins, however CAUSE breast cancer.

What is progesterone? Progesterone is a human hormone made by both men and women which is anti-cancer, anti-adrenalin and anti-stress. Progesterone is essential for helping a pregnant woman maintain her pregnancy (the word derives from “pro gestational” – i.e. helping gestation). Tragically, progesterone deficiency is the number one cause of miscarriages and yet precious few obstetricians assess and optimize natural progesterone levels during pregnancy. Even worse, if they do worry that the pregnant mother is low in progesterone, they typically prescribe progestin calling it “synthetic progesterone” despite the fact that it is NOT progesterone and can be toxic.

What is “synthetic progesterone”? Fact: there is no such thing. In nature, a near-miss is worse than a lie.   Synthetic progesterone knock-offs are designed intentionally to retain some of the original benefits of natural progesterone to have some of its benefits but more importantly, it needs to be designed to be significantly different enough from the natural progesterone that the drug company can be awarded a patent. Only with a patent can there be obscene profits.  Natural progesterone is not patentable and therefore it is safe and effective but rarely offered by doctors who typically offer only profitable, synthetic and patentable drugs.

For example, PremPro, the patented drug given by complicit doctors to unsuspecting women to help with menopause killed many women by increasing stroke and heart disease before it was given a black box warning  ( it SHOULD have been pulled from the market!)  Wyeth, the Big Pharma  lost huge lawsuits over its irresponsible marketing of PremPro.  On the other hand, no surprise, natural progesterone protects against stroke.  Synthetic, near-miss progestins worsen the risk of stroke.

So Dr. Weeks informs people about the benefits of natural progesterone and discourages people from using drugs which contain synthetic near-miss knock-offs of progesterone such as progestins.

What happens if you have estrogen dominance otherwise stated, a progesterone deficiency? That common situation creates stress which increases adrenalin and stress and insulin and fat storage. You get fat. This typically happens when young girls reach puberty and become estrogen dominant. prior foods which did not stack on fat (soda, sugars, Halloween candies) now are stored as fat when there is estrogen dominance.

Why is progesterone helpful? Let me count the ways!


– is useful in shedding fat stores

– facilitates the utilization of stored body fat to make more energy

– can help you burn an additional 100-300 calories a day regardless of exercise or diet.

– normalizes blood sugar levels

– support optimal thyroid function

– reduces food cravings

– elevates mood and happiness and the sense of well-being

– lessens anxiety/panic

– normalizes libido and sex drive

– is antagonistic to cancer processes

– improves bone metabolism (stimulates osteoblasts)


How can you stimulate my own progesterone levels?

This can vary from men to women, but generally speaking….

– lower stress (more stretching meditation, gentle exercise, yoga etc.)

– sleep deeply

– create supportive rhythms and habits in your life

– avoid junk food (they are stress producing)

– eat plenty of herbs/spices (curcumin, pepper, thyme oregano but eat LESS salt!)eat coconut and walnut and low -starch foods

– eat organic non-GMO seeds (black cumin seeds, black raspberry seeds, Chardonnay grape seeds,

– avoid inflammation (best option is to take SOUL )

-avoid environmental stressors (pollution, electrical pollution, pesticides, heavy metals)


 Here  is a typical testimonial from a patient who benefited from progesterone.

“I was always ashamed and embarrassed. Whenever I went out to eat I would find the darkest, most secluded corner in the restaurant to hide out in. Clothes were a problem, too. For years I wore bib overalls, the monster size. I couldn’t button them all the way up on the sides.”¨”¨And I lived in fear of children. Children would see me in public and pipe up with something totally humiliating. I started scheduling my visits to the market for the middle of the night just to avoid being humiliated by little kids.”¨”¨In the midst of all of this humiliation, I had a strong feeling that this obesity was not my fault. I would keep going to doctors to try and get some help.

Normally their response, after they’d taken my money, was to say, “Go home, kid, and quit eating so much.” I would tell them, “I don’t eat that much,” and I didn’t, I never have. You and I could eat the same exact meal and you’d be unaffected, but I’d wake up the next morning and my pants wouldn’t fit. But every doctor I tried to get help from told me that although I probably didn’t think I was a huge eater, in reality I was. They made me feel like a liar. Some of them gave me amphetamines.”¨”¨At age 23 I started getting leg pains, and then later on I developed full body cramps. I was cramping all the time, having night sweats and weird vision problems.

None of the doctors I went to had any solutions for me. These problems were variously misdiagnosed as gout, pseudo-gout, tendonitis, and a bunch of other things.”¨”¨My life was miserable. I’d do my work, come home, drink a six-pack of beer and a half bottle of Tequila every night, and go to sleep and get up and do the whole thing over again. One night a friend infuriated me on the phone by telling me I was like some little old lady with her two dogs and no life. It sent me off the scale. I yelled at her. But I thought about it all night, and the next day I realized that she had only described me as I really was.

I had heard the doctor  talking about weight loss on the radio. The day after the fight with my friend I went to see him. He sat me down and talked to me for over an hour. He wanted to know everything about my family history and my life. After my initial visit he put me on progesterone and DHEA and started me on the diet. Right away I started losing weight.”¨”¨About three months into the program I had a real bad flare-up in my knee, hip and in between; it felt like having hot steel shoved up your leg. I tried a chiropractor and then a sports medicine specialist, but they didn’t help.

Finally I thought, “What the heck; I’ll ask the doctor about it.””¨”¨I was totally shocked by his reaction. “Look, I’m your physician and I’m treating you,” he said. “I want to know everything that’s happening to you.” I found that such a strange attitude for a doctor.”¨”¨He added testosterone and thyroid to my medications, and changed the type of DHEA I was taking. That same day he diagnosed my fibromyalgia, which is the pain in my leg that had been misdiagnosed by so many doctors. About three days later I felt as though I’d come out of a fog. It’s hard to describe. I had been there so long I didn’t know I was there. I had an amazing change, a new clarity of thought. It was startling.”¨”¨And I was pain-free for the first time in 24 years. Strange things started happening to me physically at this point.

All my life I’ve been kind of a big, white farm-boy-looking guy without any muscle definition at all. Now I’ve developed all this muscle definition. I’m much stronger. I used to sleep eight or ten hours a night and then sit all day without wanting to do anything. Now I sleep about four hours a night and I’m never tired. Life is good. ”¨”¨I weigh 195 pounds. It’s the first time I’ve been less than 200 pounds since I was 12 years old. My brain hasn’t kept up with my body and my biggest challenges now are social and psychological. I’d say socially I’m probably at a junior high school grade level because I’ve never participated in society outside of work.”

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