Is your doctor a scientist or just a “Marketing Director” type of M.D.?

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  Science is nothing but a methodology – a time-honored and glorious technique for learning and testing hypotheses. It is not a business – though it can be misused by business – and it is not a popularity contest: science does not respect consensus.  If 99 “experts” out of 100 are wrong, science proclaims that the sole dissenter is correct and that way leads to the future. You, the patient buy the services of a medical doctor – trained as she or he is in scientific methodology  – because you expect a scientific mind will determine which treatment if best for you. Yes, compassion, and Rudolf  Steiner’s three levels of thinking (imagination, intuition and inspiration) should be brought to bear on the complexities and individualities of your situation, but the clinical care you receive should be rooted in scientific methodology.   But is it?   Sadly independent thinking and decision making based careful observation and scientific reasoning by medical doctors today is the exception.  This abrogation of science in favor of serving the marketing directives and profit motives of Big Pharma has dominated the medical field to a shameful degree. Big Pharma has even infiltrated and commandeered medical education to the degree that strong voices of protest are being raised criticizing its role in CME (continuing medical education credits).  “MD”, once an honored title meaning medical doctor had increasingly come to mean “Marketing Director” for Big Pharma!

Most holistic integrative doctors know this and prefer to think scientifically – as unpopular as that has become with medical board who serve the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) itself a schill for Big Pharma and Big Insurance (check their books and see where their funding comes from)  And most informed patients who seek out innovative care also insist upon scientifically valid treatment.  And now former editors of prestigious medical journals like Marcia Angell, M.D. and Thomas Relman,  M.D.  have bemoaned the abandonment of scientific principles by medical doctors  claiming it is  “no longer possible to believe much of  clinical research published”   and   “The real solution is for medical institutions to get rid of these unethical practices. Disclosure is not a solution.”   

Your doctor will claim that his or her treatment recommendation is “based on solid science”  but in reality it is bought and paid for and carefully edited with profit – and not safety or efficacy – in mind.  Investigations clearly reveal the criminal line between Big Pharma funding a study and compromise in scientific integrity leading to falsely exaggerated benefits.  Read  here  and here.

So, if your doctor won’t bring scientific methodology to bear, it is high time for you to become empowered and learn to think scientifically.  Let’s start with the excellent primer below! 


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