Patient and Client Confidentiality

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:   Ever since we started using computers in our medical clinic,  in order to truly guard confidential material, we have NEVER allowed for shared data. In every instance, the confidential data was stored on ONE computer which was NEVER linked to other computers or (and this is critically important) has NEVER been storing data on any “cloud”.   Patients have always appreciated that we truly guard their confidentiality and NEVER shared data with a third party (insurance company etc) without their express written consent.  That is one of the great advantages we, as a fee-for-services clinic, can offer: we work exclusively for the patient and client.  We do not kowtow to third parties who insist that we prioritize their profits over patient health.   Now the courageous patriot Edward Snowden urges ALL professionals to encrypt business and of course to NOT trust “clouds” as “secure” storage site.



The Guardian: Edward Snowden Urges Professionals to Encrypt Client Communications

Summary: In a seven-hour interview with The Guardian, NSA whistleblower and GAP client Edward Snowden urged all professionals with a duty to protect confidentiality – journalists, lawyers, doctors, priests and others – to upgrade their digital security in wake of the surveillance revelations. During the extensive interview, Snowden answered a variety of questions and spoke at length about his future. Snowden also offered that if he “end(s) up in chains in Guantanamo I can live with that.” A short video of the interview is available here.  


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