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Dr. Weeks’ Comment: None of us can be right all the time – but as regards apitherapy, I am delighted to see that science is catching up with what Charlie Mraz taught me 30 years ago. The honey bee gives us great medicine. Here is a recent article, sent to me by my wise colleague Dr. Jonathan Miller, about honey reducing pain after surgical tonsillectomy.  What would Mary Poppins say?  Perhaps hold the sugar and let the honey help the medicine go down? ?



Tonsillectomy is one of the most common operations performed in pediatric population. One of the most prevalent tonsillectomy complications is early or delayed post-operative hemorrhage. Other important morbidity is post-operative pain. Historically, honey has been used for wound control, reducing the inflammation, and healing acceleration. The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of honey on reducing pain after tonsillectomy in children 5-15 years old.


After tonsillectomy, 80 patients were randomly divided in two equal groups. Patients in the first group were treated with antibiotic and acetaminophen, while those in the second group were treated with antibiotic, acetaminophen and honey. Data was gathered via a questionnaire and observation of tonsillar bed healing. Data was analyzed by SPSS17 software and related tests.


Pain comparison between two groups showed that the average time required for pain relief in patients who received honey was less than the control. The pain intensity was higher during the first 9 days post-operatively in control group. Results also showed that acetaminophen consumption in patients who received honey is lower. In the case group, the average time to resume regular diet and the frequency of awakening at night is significantly less than the control group.


Honey administration after tonsillectomy has valuable effect in pain relief and it can be used as an adjunctive regimen after surgery for better pain control.


SOURCE  http://www.ijporlonline.com/article/S0165-5876(14)00462-5/abstract

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