Buckyballs for long life

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  Until my Dutch friend and medical colleague Paul taught me about this remarkable agent, I was entirely ignorant.  Now after reading the research I am smitten and wanted to share it with you. 



Health studies for C60 Buckminsterfullerene

Buckyballs have only been  discovered in 1985.

Now for evidence of assertion A, the medical studies that show a profound health-promoting, counter-illness, life-extending effect of simple, natural, unpatentable C60:

Rats that have been given only 24 doses of C60 living up to 90% longer than untreated rats:


That study is the bombshell that is now discussed on every longevity forum, with people starting to concoct their own C60-olive oil brews, some not even bothering to centrifuge and filter their broth.

The rats did not just live very, very much longer (years after they should have died of old age!) but their livers were fully protected against lethal doses of highly toxic chemicals. Read the study (PDF on the left) and see photos of how the C60-protected livers look healthy, whereas the livers of rats that did not get C60 got destroyed.  And the rats did not die of cancer or pneumonia, as is normal with rats at the end of their lives. They died of the general wearing out of their organs. They likely reached their genetically maximum attainable age, in perfect health, their weight was that of a normal healthy middle-aged rat until close to the end.

C60 increasing the lifespan and enhancing the growth of 4 classes of organisms:


C60 increasing the lifespan of mice and restoring the brain capacity of old mice to that of the level of young mice:


C60 greatly protecting mice against the lethal effects of gamma radiation (the control group died, most C60 mice survived):


Positive cardiovascular health effects of C60:


C60 preventing metastases and inhibiting tumor growth:



Prof. Dr. J. G. Defares: C60 likely works by inhibiting telomere shrinkage: PDF

Defares: “C60 revived my dead toenail”: PDF

“In my opinion as a biologist (and doctor) this effect of C60 on my ‘amputated nail’ is even more astonishing than TA-65’s effect on my auricles.”

Prof. Dr. James George Defares (Wikipedia)
Prof. Defares is 87 years old. He is a medical doctor and a biologist and he is the leading anti-aging expert (published 15 books) in the Netherlands.
He takes C60 in olive oil.

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