Dr. Weeks’ Comment:   The time honored path to health is simply to replenish what you are deficient in (“malnourished”) and to detoxify what you have in excess (“intoxication”). Nourish and detoxify – good stuff in and bad stuff out! Simple. Just add meaning and purpose in life – service and love – and we are thriving.

SOUL – the 3-seed drink made from anti-inflammatory seeds (black cumin and black raspberry and Chardonnay grape SEEDS) with D- Ribose is the best replenisher and now CORE is the best detoxifier.

Let’s Be Honest About “Juicing”.   The “juicing” industry has grown to a $5 billion a year industry. These days it’s even hip to walk around with a smart phone in one hand and a shaker-bottle filled with green sludge in the other.”¨ But let’s be honest here for a second. Do people really enjoy juicing 24-7-365?”¨ People buy a juicing machine, go to the store and load up on “green ingredients “, come home, and then the work begins.

Many take the first drink and it tastes so horrible they immediately wonder what they can get for their new juicer on Craig’s List. Yes, it’s true (I said, “Let’s be Honest” didn’t I?”). ”¨Yet due to their enormous health benefits, it’s no wonder that green drinks & super-food drinks are exploding in popularity.

Here’s the bottom line: The green movement is tremendously good for people and is a big money maker, but juicing is just a big ol’ pain in the neck!

The good news in all this? Enter Rain CORE.

Rain has synthesize the world’s most powerful phytonutrients into one tasty healthful seed to supplement. The naturally occurring antioxidants and enzymes in rain core seem attractions non-GMO ingredients combined to enable cells to reproduce rejuvenate and adapt while detoxifying the body of molecules that damage healthy cells. CORE supports a natural and has elimination function. Enhanced elimination refers to an increase state of expulsion of an agent from the body with the aim of decreasing the severity and duration of clinical intoxication. *

We’ve juiced and preserved in a 1 ounce packet for you the following powerful detoxifying agents: black cumin seeds, milk thistle seeds, wheat grass, spirulina, aloe vera, chlorella, dandelion, kale and chlorophyllin.

The jury has spoken: Most people struggle with which green drink to buy. It’s confusing and overwhelming, not to mention shopping for and making juice just ain’t fun to most people.”¨At my house, we juice but not as often as we should due to the hassle factor. CORE is THE perfect answer!”¨ My family drinks the seeds and I’m letting Rain do all the elbow work. ”¨“Get Your Green On” in an easy to ingest, transport, and sample 1 oz package.

Seeds + Greens = CORE. It’s the better product and the perfect answer”¨ to the juicing hassle.

Get More with CORE! (and you can now look even “hipper” with your smart phone in one hand and CORE in the other.)

Try CORE by clicking here  clicking– money back guarantee!

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease.



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