Stopping Ebola – The Ayurvedic Approach…

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: I have known Dr. TR Shantha for almost 15 years  during his harassment by the Georgia state medical board – license suspension  (read about it  here ) and through it all he has been an optimistic, innovative medical doctor offering great contributions to the practice of integrative medicine.  Here is his approach to Ebola.    


“…By the tenth day, billons of antibody particles are produced and circulating in the body, attaching to the Ebola viruses in the body, killing them, and clearing them from the body as you continue the AUT…”


Stopping Ebola – The Ayurvedic Approach…

Water With Life – How To Cure and/or Curtail Ebola Virus Infection…


By:  Dr. T. R. Shantha, MD, PhD, FACA

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

The news about Ebola and its possible fatal end is everywhere in the news – created by many hypochondriacs.  The virus is deadly and spreads only by contact with body fluids.  Once the person gets the infection, their life hangs on a thin thread.  Mortality from the infection is as high as 50% – 60%.   Another deadly disease that kills about 35,000 people in the east, mostly young, is rabies, which is 100% fatal compared to 40-60% mortality by Ebola virus infection. Ebola will be and is curable, but not rabies.

Coming back to Ebola, it does not spread by air or touching people. It spreads only through body fluids contact, and use of contaminated needles and from animals to humans eating contaminated meat.

Two Americans flown from Liberia walked out of the Emory hospital after receiving an experimental vaccine with intensive care.   An NBC camera operator is currently receiving an experimental drug called brincidofovir, or CMX001 for treatment of Ebola. Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States died, 10 days after he was admitted this month to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.

There is no vaccine or cure in sight for this dreaded disease.  What is the mother to do if one has the Ebola infection!  One desperate treatment with vaccine has resulted in some successes. That kind of vaccine used on two US citizens is not available to all in Africa.

The signs and symptoms after the Ebola virus infection are:

  1. Up to first 9 days:  the infected person suffers from fatigue, headache, fever with chills.
  2. On day 10: develops high fever, vomiting blood, rash and passive behaviour.
  3. On day 11: in some cases, there is bleeding from the nose, mouth, eyes and anus.
  4. On day 12: develop seizures, internal bleeding, gradually lose consciousness, and death or recovers slowly.


Some patients have gotten blood transfusions from Ebola survivors, with the hope that a survivor’s antibodies will help a sick person’s immune system fight off the virus. Good supportive care also saves many lives. This consists of the routine care provided in American hospitals and intensive care units, such as monitoring patient’s blood pressure, keeping them hydrated, helping them breathe – with machines, as needed. This help can keep patients alive until their immune system fights off the invading virus or succumbs to the Ebola virus infection.

My therapy to curtail and cure the Ebola virus infection is simple and inexpensive besides taking all preventive  measures to come in contact.  It is a precursor of a vaccine with production of auto-antibodies within the body of the infected patients. The therapy is called “auto urine therapy” (AUT).  That is the infected person drinking his or her own urine.. Follow the guidelines below and call me if one needs further guidance.

As soon as the disease is suspected or diagnosed, before waiting for any therapy:

Start drinking all the urine that comes out the first day no matter what the condition of the patient is.  If the patient is averse or has social stigma regarding this therapy, use a naso-gastric feeding tube to feed the urine.  Collect the urine in a clean glass and feed the urine as soon as it is evacuated from the bladder through the urethra.  Do not change the taste or save it to drink later.

The next day feed all the urine that comes out in the morning.  Then feed in the afternoon and before going to bed.  Follow the urine therapy with a drink of water.

The third day drink the urine all morning and drink the urine after mid afternoon

Fourth day drink the urine all morning.  Then continue to drink urine in the morning for 11 more days and continue for one or more weeks.  Morning urine drinking is necessary to get the benefits of AUT.

During urine therapy, drink clean water.  Avoid eating meat and heavy meals. Continue all other supportive therapy.


How does urine therapy work?

The Ebola virus particles as they are broken down in the body by the immune system are passed in the urine with other metabolic products including protein components, enzymes, and hormones.  There are dozens of medicines we swallow to curtail and cure diseases which are extracted from urine. When you drink the urine, the broken down fragments of the Ebola virus pass through the intestines.  The intestines are lined with B-lymphocytes (and lymphocytes producing lymph nodes called Peyers’ patches) which mature into antibody  producing Plasma cells on the entire length of the gut wall (first line of immune defense).  It is estimated that there are 180,000 immune antibody-producing white blood cells (Plasma cells) for every cubic millimeter of the wall.  There are billions of these antibody synthesizing white blood cells in the wall of the gut.   These plasma cells pick up the virus and their fragments, and synthesize antibodies against the Ebola virus. By the tenth day, billons of antibody particles are produced and circulating in the body, attaching to the Ebola viruses in the body, killing them, and clearing them from the body as you continue the AUT.  Thus AUT cures the condition.  It costs nothing and it is simple to adopt. Anyone can use the therapy whether in a village or in a hospital anywhere in the world.  Starting therapy earlier can lead to decreased morbidity and mortality. It is only a theory and based on what I know about it, it will work.

I have been exposed to urine therapy since 1965.  Urine contains more than 200-300 components of metabolites and other components from the body and they can help cure many diseases including this dreaded Ebola infection.  There is hardly a disease that cannot be treated with auto urine therapy as primary or adjuvant therapy.  Morarji Desai, the prime minister of India practiced AUT daily until he died in his nineties. It is part of a Hindu system of Yogic therapy that has been in practice for thousands of years.  I would love to travel to the African countries, if anyone can fund, to treat these patients, and save lives with this simple therapy.

The following diagram shows the Ebola virus fragments in the urine encountering the immune antibody producing plasma cells lining the gut wall.  These plasma cells ingest the Ebola virus antigens as they come in contact, which induces the manufacturing of immune antibodies against the Ebola virus.  These antibodies circulate all over the body, and seek the Ebola virus like a heat-seeking missile.  They attack the virus wherever they are, clearing them from the body and thus curing the disease. (This information can be reprinted with proper acknowledgment of the author without altering the content)


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T. R. Shantha is an MD, and obtained his Ph.D. from Emory University School of Medicine.  He has published more than 100 research papers in distinguished peer reviewed journals all over the world such as the Journal Nature (7 papers), Science, Journal of Cell Biology, New England Journal of Medicine, Anesthesiology, Anatomy, Histology, cell biology, Journal of Urology and there is hardly a medical journal where his research articles have not appeared.  He is the author of 9 books and the holder of 49 patents, many issued. On October 10, 2014 he obtained a patent on an energy saving motor along with another American inventor. He has multiple patents on the light bulb, also. His 4 patents on the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease are under development (  At present, he is working on Parkinson’s, Prostate cancer and hypertrophy, migraine, hair loss, ALS, etc.  Many of his discoveries are incorporated in medical textbooks.  His discovery of the drug to treat Priapism is used all over the world in emergency rooms and by urologists.  He has won many prestigious awards all over the world including the AAPI and AMA distinguished physician award.  He has contributed to charity generously and participated in multiple works of charity in addition. Four of his children are physicians, and one is an expert in cardio-pulmonary technology.


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