Wireless is not safe.

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  Is wireless safe?  Many of us think not. Care to listen to the experts – including former president of Microsoft Canada as well as college professors?


We are pleased to inform you that the full recap from Friday’s successful MD Symposium is now posted to our main site at C4ST.org. You will find the full presentations from the top minds in North America are now available, along with all course material handed out and discussed at the event. http://www.c4st.org/MDSymposium

During the course of the symposium Dr. Anthony Miller argues the classification should be 2A, probable carcinogenic to humans. Dr. Miller also reviews the recent studies that link wireless radiation to breast and brain cancer.

Dr. Davis presents the latest research showing the impact on sperm fertility as well as the connection with wireless radiation exposure and impaired childhood development.

Dr. Hugh Taylor reviews his research showing the offspring of pregnant mice exposed to cell phones during pregnancy developed “ADHD-like” symptoms.

Dr. Havas reviews the pre-conditions she has observed for electro sensitivity and presented the Austrian Medical Association “Guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of EMF related health problems and illnesses.”

I review the current situation in Canada re Health Canada and Safety Code 6.

Please watch and share the important information covered to your own MD, MP, and your friends and family.

Frank Clegg, Former President Microsoft Canada, CEO of Canadians for Safe Technology.





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