SOY for heath – the science is potent!

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:   Soy, especially fermented  soy (and of course, organic, non-GMO) is healthy.  Whether or not soy is beneficial  is no longer a valid discussion. The science is clear:  soy being to the beneficial estrogen receptor and not the carcinogenic estrogen receptor.  Hmmm. The fact that there are two distinct receptors which have different physiologic effects in news to you?  Well let’s be clear:  estrogen receptor ALPHA is carcinogenic  whereas estrogen receptor BETA is anti-cancer.  (Think “BETA is better”)    Want to learn more:   read  THIS  and also read THIS and  why not  THIS  and THIS and THIS  and finally  THIS.     What follows is more great info:

Soy  & Estrogen

Soy & Diabetes

Soy & Thyroid

Soy & Phytates

Soymilk-Fed Infants

Soy Phytoestrogens

but it must be ORGANIC and NON-GMO

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