Confirming the target: Cancer STEM cells

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: As many oncologists are unaware of the critical importance of addressing cancer STEM cells, the following resources are offered for your review and to share with your doctors. In our opinion, conventional cancer treatments are more lethal than beneficial and we suggest that you avail yourself of tomorrow’s medicine today.





Prior Lectures on this Topic      (Available at -> “Learn” -> “Lectures by Dr. Weeks”)

1) Under the Radar: Targeting and Controlling Cancer Stem Cells

2) The Cancer War is Over, Time to Heal the Cancer Process, Not Fight the Tumor

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4) Controlling the Cancer STEM cells – Cancer Control Soc. 2012

5) Don’t Kill the Messenger, Address the Cause of Cancer  2012


Further Reading on Cancer Stem Cell Treatment

1) Therapeutics formulated to target cancer stem cells: Is it in our future?  Stephanie Clayton, Cancer Cell Int. 2011; 11: 7. .

2) Therapeutic Implications of the Cancer Stem Cell Hypothesis Maximilian Diehn, M.D., Ph.D. and Michael F. Clarke, M.D.

3) Eradication of Cancer Cells via Regeneration Xu Rongxiang, M.D.


Academic and Research Giants in Oncology endorse Cancer Stem Cells

1) Prof. Max Wicha, M.D.

2) Prof. Robert Weinberg, M.D.

3) Prof. Irving Weissman, M.D.

4) Profs. Max Diehn, M.D., Ph.D. and Michael Clark, M.D.

5) Chan KS  et al   NATURE


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