Eat Seeds oils – not Fish or Krill Oil.

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: What if the world’s most popular and best-selling nutritional supplement were discovered to be…   ahem… bad for you. Suppose it were not simply less beneficial than something else, but actually bad for you. What if it actually caused harm. If that were the case, how quickly might people stop taking it? And how would respected experts and doctors and profitable manufactures of this now scientifically disgraced nutritional supplement respond to that paradigm shift? Well, you know how difficult the change would be. But don’t take my word for it. If you want to witness just this revolution in health care which is happening right now, pay attention to the Great Fish Oil Debate.

On your left, people like yours truly who, having relied upon peer-reviewed scientific literature, authoritatively dispensed fish oil capsules thinking all the while that we were helping people. In retrospect, it is clear that we didn’t look critically enough at the quality of scientific process in these published papers. We are 99% of all health care practitioners and we don’t really want to have this debate.

On your right, (hint: the right side), you have scientifically more rigorous doctors and whole seed advocates who understand that biochemically speaking, fish oil – while beneficial to fish swimming in freezing water (think fish antifreeze) – is too fragile and too easily oxidized a molecule to function beneficially in 98.6 degrees (within you!) so it harms us by going rancid and suffocating cell membranes thereby hindering nutrient and oxygen transport into cells. This group believes that fish oil capsules (not fish itself, just the concentrated fish oil) creates the inflammatory and oxygen-deprivation states which sets the stage for cancer, heart disease, diabetes and all chronic degenerative disease. This group also thinks that the science endorsing the benefits of fish oil is, for the most part, more marketing than research and based upon weak scientific methodology. We are less that 1% of all health care practitioners – but growing.

Here is a recent paper by my wise friend Dr. George Allibone, M.D. who, as is the case with yours truly, read The PEO Solution by Brian Peskin and promptly left the 99% to join the 1%.   Read on and join us – stop fish and krill oil and eat whole seed oils derived from unadulterated organic non-GMO seeds. You will notice the difference almost immediately.  For your healthy daily oils, eat ground up organic seed and not ground up fish or krill.  (PS:  Did you know that it takes 17 POUNDS of fish to make one pharmaceutical grade fish oil capsule!)




by George Allibone MD

There has been a massive paradigm shift in our knowledge re. Essential fatty acids and marine oils. Decades ago and still unto today, there are physicians advocating the ingestion of high quantities of marine oils. Not only is this wrong, it is harmful to your health, particularly as it relates to the following conditions:

Diabetes, Dementia, Cardiovascular disease, Cancer prevention, Anti-Aging

Conceptually, we do not need large amounts of DHA and EPA ingestion. Our needs in the body, and particularly, within the brain are low. Taking high doses (Super Overdoses ), results  in this omega-3 fatty acids / derivatives going to other parts of the body , especially the skin where  their susceptibly to heat results in an explosion of new cases of skin cancer ( even without sun exposure !! ) , deposition elsewhere like breast and prostate prevents autophagy resulting in increased cancer rate. These omega-3 derivatives, rather than Omega-6 parent oils, result in cellular membrane dysfunction, hence decreased oxygenation within cells, and problems such as insulin resistance, poorer function in lungs as in COPD, increased ischemia as in peripheral vascular disease, less energy production within brain, thereby aggravating energy requirements such as in Alzheimer’s and increased central nervous system dysfunction.

Cellular oxygenation is the ultimate anti-aging science. In a large clinical trial, taking patients off fish oils and replacing them with PEO’s, biological age, creating younger arteries and younger cardiovascular status by an average of 8-11 years. The ultimate anti-aging supplement.

Some other good things about these PEO’s are:

PEO’s only refer to Parent Omega-6  (linoleic acid or LA, and parent omega-3 or alpha-linoleic or ALA)

These are two unadulterated fully functional forms of the only two essential fats.   LDL-C and Statins are only marginally effective in reducing ADULTERATED Parent Omega-6. Also cooking oils, restaurant foods are adulterated Parent Omega -6 (LA).When these are incorporated into the cellular membrane, defective oxygenation results, and inflammation.

The body cannot manufacture PEO’s (genuine EFA’s, rather than EFA derivatives. PEO’S MUST Be CONSUMED DAILY)

The La and ALA must be consumed in the correct ratio of Omega-6: Omega-3: 4: 1. These PEO’s especially Omega -6 act as oxygen magnets, so increased energy occurs with them. What is also significant is that the PEO’s undergo reversible oxygenation in response to changes in oxygen pressure .Omega-6 is twice as effective as Omega-3 in oxygen transfer.


A number of points of understanding are essential:

GLA (Omega-6 series) is a substrate for Prostaglandin E1, the body’s most powerful anti-inflammatory and vasodilator

AA ( Omega-6  Arachidonic Acid ) is a substrate for Prostaglandin 12 , the body’s most powerful natural blood “thinner “  (what better way to get off the rat poison , Coumadin ), platelet- aggregator , anti-adhesive and vasodilator .

NOTE:  Contrary to belief AA is not harmful, it is required (makes up 16% of cell membrane), and is found in every cell membrane. Also only very small amounts of DHA and EPA are produced in the body, as only small amounts are required by the body. Also, the omega-3 series derivatives are very weak as compared to the omega-6 derivatives. It is important to understand that it is wrong to believe that the real power of EFA’s is solely in their long long-chain metabolites (derivatives), although they are critical when it comes to AA and ALA, there is more to the story. In fact, excessive derivatives from ALA and LA are harmful as explained above.

About 25-35% of the bi-lipid cellular membrane is made up of PEO’s. Also PEO’s are found in the energy “house” of each cell, the mitochondria. There are literally hundreds to thousands of mitochondria in each cell , which indicates the importance of these oxygen “magnets “ in  the cellular membranes for proper inter-cell connectivity , and appropriate influx and efflux of substances into and out of cells , and in the case of mitochondria , energy production.

Another misconception is that there is natural conversion of “parents” to derivatives. This is not the case as the enzymes that do this conversion are the delta-6 and delta-5 desaturation enzymes, which have low activity as nature has planned it this way. What should be noted is that alcoholism and diabetes do impair the delta-6 pathway affecting the production of Prostaglandin E1 from GLA (gamma-linoleic acid, an omega-6 metabolite). Taking of GLA is advisable in all Parent-based formulations. Both the delta-6 and delta-5 desaturase enzymes are not impaired in the majority of individuals. Conversion of ALA (parent omega-3) to DHA hardly exceeds 1%.

Fish oils are a “no-go”. Having considered the above it does not appear that fish oil will have any salutary effect. Experimentally, removing patients from fish oils and replacing PEO’s, there has been significant improvements in :  biological age , vascular health , insulin sensitivity , chronic diseases such as Cystic Fibrosis , lessening of arterial plaque (a matter of fact , no saturated fats are found in plaque !!!) , lessening of blood sugar. Fish oils, because of their steroid-like effect impair the immune system.



Hopefully, this article will cause you to re-evaluate everything you’ve been told and your understanding about EFA’s, and to consider PEO’s as your supplement of choice. The cold water salmon we all so love to eat, lives at temperatures around 32 Degrees. Humans live at around 100 Degrees. At this temperature, fish oil spontaneously becomes rancid (which causes a significant increase in oxidative stress through free radical formation). This should cause tremendous concern.




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